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Fate/Tiger Colosseum


Unlock Alternative Costumes

To unlock the character's other outfits, simply clear certain story modes

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Clear Archer's Story (Hard Mode)Archer - Casual Wear
Clear Caster's Story (Hard Mode)Caster - Casual Wear
Clear Gilgamesh's Story (Hard Mode)Gilgamesh - Casual Wear
Clear Ilya's Story (Hard Mode)Ilya - Sports Wear
Clear Lancer's Story (Hard Mode)Lancer - Casual Wear
Clear Rider's Story (Hard Mode)Rider - Casual Wear
Clear Rin's Story (Hard Mode)Rin - School Uniform
Clear Saber's Story (Hard Mode)Saber - Casual Wear
Clear Archer's Story (Normal Mode)Saber - Lion Costume
Clear Sakura's Story (Hard Mode)Sakura - Casual Wear
Clear Shinji's Story (Normal Mode)Sakura - Princess Dress
Clear Shiro's Story (Hard Mode)Shiro - Casual Wear
Clear Taiga's Story (Hard Mode)Taiga - Kendo Wear

Contributed By: Goshi3156.

Unlock Characters

To unlock characters, simply clear a character's story mode. Difficulty doesn't matter.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Rin's StoryArcher
Complete Lancer's StoryAssassin
Complte Taiga's StoryBazett
Complete Saber's StoryBerserker
Complete Taiga's StoryCaren
Complete Berserker's StoryDark Saber
Complete Ilya's StoryDark Sakura
Complete Dark Saber's StoryGilgamesh
Complete Shiro's StoryIlya
Complete Gilgamesh's StoryKirei
Complete Sakura's StoryShinji
Complete Caster's StorySoichiro
Complete Kirei's StoryTaiga
Complete Rider's StoryTrue Assassin

Contributed By: Goshi3156.