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Crash of the Titans


Crash Cheats

Input the code while the game is paused. Input the code again to deactivate it, while paused. Note: Make sure to hold down "R1" when pressing "Resume Game".

Big Head CrashWhile holding R1, press Square, Square, Triangle, and X
Shadow Crash (Invisible)While holding R1, press Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, and X

Contributed By: Jonathan Nguyen.


Crash Skins

These are all the possible skins you can get for Crash. Wearing a type of skin allows you to knock-out the creature your skin is from, then jack him immediately. Ex: If you wear the Spike Skin, you can knock him out in one hit, then jack him.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Jack 35 BattlersBattler Skin
Defeat 130 Brat GirlsBratgirl Skin
Defeat 500 Doom MonkeysDoom Monkey Skin
Jack 50 EE-LectricsEE-Lectric Skin
Jack 30 GoarsGoar Skin
Complete 50% of the gameHalloween Skin
Defeat 150 Koo-AlasKoo-Ala Skin
Jack 50 MagmadonsMagmadon Skin
Defeat 200 RatniciansRatnician Skin
Jack 30 RhinorollersRhinoroller Skin
Jack 15 ScorporillasScorporilla Skin
Jack 15 ShellephantsShellephant Skin
Jack 50 SludgesSludge Skin
Jack 50 SnipesSnipe Skin
Jack 50 SpikesSpike Skin
Jack 50 StenchesStench Skin
Collect all Gold IdolsValentine Skin
Defeat 200 Voodoo BunniesVoodoo Bunny Skin

Contributed By: Jonathan Nguyen.