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Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron



Medals are achieved doing certain objectives in single player and multiplayer mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
win in every mapconqueror supreme
Win 5 battlesconqueror(bronze)
Win 30 battlesconqueror(gold)
Win 15 battlesconqueror(silver)
Play an Infrastructure game on 4th july and top the scoretableEndor Day Hero
Capture 5 flagsflag carrier (bronze)
Capture 30 flagsflag carrier (gold)
Capture 15 flagsflag carrier (silver)
win the galactic conquest modegalactic overlord
kill 10 heroeshero vanquisher
Get 25 kills as a heroJedi Master (bronze)
Get 150 kills as a heroJedi Master (gold)
Get 75 kills as a heroJedi Master (silver)
Reach 50 kills onlinemultiplayer maverick (bronze)
Reach 300 kills onlinemultiplayer maverick (gold)
Reach 150 kills onlinemultiplayer maverick (silver)
complete the campaignRenegade leader
Destroy 10 starfightersrogue leader(bronze)
slice 15 vehiclessuper slicer
Destroy 10 vehiclesTank Buster(bronze)
Destroy 50 vehiclesTank Buster(gold)
Destroy 25 vehiclesTank Buster(silver)
Play an Infrastructure game on the 25th December and top the scoretableWookiee Life Day Hero

Contributed By: electric_eel and gr_peephole.


Easy Ground Battles Win

When you capture all of the bases in the field and the 60-second timer starts, pause the game. The timer will keep counting and the enemies won't be able to steal the bases back.

Contributed By: RUBEN1343.