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Hammerin' Hero



Meet the following in-game requirements to unlock the following souvenirs.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat 20 Kuromoku employeesBronze Hammer
Built a home for a familyCar
Play for five hoursClock
Defeat 300 Kuromoku employeesFantastic Trophy
Get ten Kuromoku filesFolder
Get the Man In Black jobGlasses
Unlock all stagesGlobe
Defeat 200 Kuromoku employeesGold Hammer
Got all Kuromoku filesGold Statue
Recieve ten Thank You LettersHalf-Heart Pendent
Got the DJ jobHeadphones
Play for two hoursPocket Watch
Got the Kamuso Monk jobShakuhachi
Defeat 100 Kuromoku employeesSilver Hammer
Got the Slugger jobSouvenir Ball
Get the Sushi Chef jobTea Mug
Beat all stagesTrophy
Got the Rakugo Preformer jobZabuton

Contributed By: ACowWithaDS.