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Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days


Begin game with Axel Mode (US version)

At the start screen, put the cursor over "New Game" and press the triangle, square, and circle buttons twice in that order, then X. You can now play in an Axel Mode that has enemies at reduced levels compaired to if you beat the game and went to Axel Mode. Axel Mode offers several new gameplay features exclusive to the PSP port that carry over to the normal mode when beaten.

Triangle, Square, O, Triangle, Square, O, XStart a new game in Axel Mode.

Contributed By: Master_Gamer.


Infinite Magichange turns

You can have infinite turns for Magichange for any character by throwing them back in the base panel. This will work even if the character has already attacked.

Contributed By: djo_5296.

Throw characters through No Entry panels or tall terrain

As long as the obstacle is only one square thick, you can throw through it. Stand next to it and lift a character, then extend your throw through the obstacle. Retract your throw range (toward the thrower) and press X at the same time. There is a "sweet spot" to do it right, but because there is no penalty to missing it (you just get an error sound) you can keep extending and retracting while mashing X until you throw straight through the obstacle.

Contributed By: Rose Turck.


Alternative Endings.

Here is how to unlock the different endings.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get Defeated by Axel/AkutareAxel (Akutare in JP) Ending
Have Adell 10+ felonies, Killed Ally 50+ Times, Then Finish The GameBad Ending
Defeat Etna in Chapter 3Etna Ending
Defeat Laharl in Chapter 11Laharl Ending
Defeat Mid-Boss Before Chapter 4Middle Boss Ending
Defeat Final Boss with Lvl. 1000 TinkTink Ending
Have Adell 99+ felonies, Killed Ally 99+ Times, and Rozalin (Rossary in JP) ally-killed by AdellWorst Ending

Contributed By: jddayos.

Axel/Akutare Mode!

On the start up menu, place your cursor on "New Game" (First option) and input the following buttons: Triangle, Square, X, Triangle Square, X, Circle. Axel/Akutare mode will be unlocked.

Contributed By: leehg5925.

Extra Classes

Note that just having the mastery isnt enough you'll then have to petition the Dark Assembly with the appropriate bill to be able to create them.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Have someone with a level 5 bow masteryArcher
Successfully capture a monsterBeast Tamer
Finish the game onceChaos Soldier
Perform a 500+ Geo ComboDruid
Have someone with a level 5 fist and staff masteryFemale Ninja
Have someone with a level 5 gun masteryGunner
Have someone with a level 3 spear masteryHeavy Knight
Have someone with a level 3 sword and staff masteryMagic Knight
Have someone with a level 5 fist and sword masteryMale Ninja
Have someone with a level 5 sword masterySamurai
Someone in your party becomes a criminalSinner

Contributed By: jddayos.

Land of Carnage

To unlock the Land of Carnage (a mirror world of every level with super difficult enemies), collect all 16 treasure maps from the different pirates in the Item World.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect all 16 Treasure MapsLand of Carnage

Contributed By: SandyBear.

Unlocking Characters and New Character Classes

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Unlock her map with 33 Felonies, 100 mana, and at any time after the first playthrough, defeat her and pass her bill as a Senator.Asagi
Raise Asagi's level to 2000 and pass her bill as a senator.Asagi (Humanoid)
Clear Akutare mode 3-3 and they will be available to create.Celestial Host
Beat Akutare Mode 2-3 and they will be available to create.Entei Monster Class
Unlock ES8 with 40 hours game time and during Episodes 12-13. Defeat her and she'll join.Flonne
Unlock Extra Stage 4, and pass his bill after completing it.Gordon
Have a Disgaea 1 save file. (Regions must match.)Lady Samurai
After obtaining Flonne, pass Flonne's bill as a Senator and beat ES9.Laharl
Unlock his stage after obtaining Champloo and Raspberyl and the Land of CarnageMao
Unlock ES7 with 99 Felones, 1500 mana and at any time and defeat her. After, pass her bill.Marjoly
Beat Extra Stage 4 and you will be able to create them.Mass Produced Kurtis
Unlock his stage with 50 hours game time and Akutare mode clear, 9999 manaMr Champloo
Unlock ES6 with 66 Felonies, 100 mana and during Episode 1-9 and defeat her. After, pass her bill.Preire
When Adell is a Sentaor pass the 5 prism rangers bills, then pass his bill a 2nd time and you have him in your party.Prism Red
Unlock her stage after clearing 30 Dark Sun Stages and obtaining Champloo.Raspberyl
Unlocked after clearing Akutare Mode 1-2Sabre Kitties
Unlock ES5 with 20 hours of Game time, 400 mana and in Episode 1-9 and beat his stage. On the next playthrough, get the stage again and pass his bill.Vyers/Midboss
Unlock ES11 with 10 Dark Sun Maps cleared and 3000 mana. Clear the map and pass his bill afterwards.Zetta

Contributed By: Lancrosse and burninblaza2.

Unlocking Magichange

To unlock Magichange, beat Axel Mode and start a new game cycle in Adell Mode.

Contributed By: j00bacca781.


Quickly gain Felonies For Your Party

Normally, only one character can move into the dark court panel in the item world. However, as long as all the characters move onto the panel in a single action, they all get the felony. The easiest way to do this is to have a number of human characters magichange with monsters and have the human characters pick each other up. Then have the bottom character throw the others onto the dark court panel. Keep in mind that only up to 9 characters can be entered into the dark court this way, since the bottom character has to throw the others. Every character will get the felonies, but the dialogue of the prinny judge is determined by the character at the bottom of the stack.

Contributed By: millerray1.