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NiGHTS Into Dreams...


Song Debug

During gameplay, pause the game, and hold L + R + Y. A row of numbers will appear representing the current song and song part. These are the meaning of the numbers:

3Angry Nightopians
2Apathetic Nightopians
1Happy Nightopians
0Very happy Nightopians

Contributed By: XGlite015.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat Reala in 1-player mode2-Player Mode
Complete the game with all ''A'' ranksDifferent Credits Music
Complete the first 3 levels for a character with a "C" rank or more.The 4th level - Twin Seeds

Contributed By: NTsui, IHZer0, and ReyVGM.

Easter Eggs

Extra PC Backgrounds

There are 7 NiGHTS backgrounds for your PC on the disc. Just put the disc in your computer and look on the CD in the folder named "Extras" to collect your backgrounds. (There are also some on Christmas NiGHTS, and the sampler disc does not have this feature)

Contributed By: Huruyami.


Clean pause

Pause the game then hold X + Y + Z.

Contributed By: Captain Doormat.