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Map Screen Codes (USA Version)

On the map screen, quickly press the following buttons. You'll hear a "Yeah!" if entered correctly. The Level Skip code needs to be entered each time you want to open a new stage on the map.

Down, Right, Left, Up, Down, Right, Left, Up, Down, Right, Left, Down, Up, Left. Then, while playing, pause and press X.Full Ammo and Health
Y, Y, Z, Z, X, X, Z, Y, X, Z, Y, X, Y, X, Z.Level Skip
Z, X, Y, Y, X, Y, X, X, Y, Z, Z, Y, X, Z, A.Unknown

Contributed By: steamliner88 and ReyVGM.


Team Dolls Unlockable

Finish the game by finding all 23 Team Dolls, then start a new game by overwriting your used save game slot. You'll now play in Lobo-Flight mode, which lets you fly, breathe underwater and your weapons shoot much faster. Also, the Death Tank minigame will unlock on the title screen.

Contributed By: ReyVGM.

Unlock The Endings

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish the game without collecting all the Transmitter pieces.Bad Ending
Collect all 8 Transmitter pieces and finish the game.Good Ending

Contributed By: ReyVGM.


Play the mini game Deathtank

At the options screen, chose remap control. Switch A with C, X with Z, and L with R. The new option will appear.

Contributed By: steamliner88.