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Virtua Fighter 2



Press XAlternate Camera Angle in Watch Mode
At the character select screen, Hold the Right-Shift buttons and use the D-Pad to select between the various configurations.Change the Control Pad on the Character Select Screen
Press A, C or Start, when highlightedChoose Character in Watch Mode
Press X + Y + Z on the Pause Screen.Clear Pause Screen
Hold UP and then select your character with the A buttonDifferent Costumes
Beat the game once at any difficulty setting to gain some extra options. To access the options, go to the Options screen and press R twiceExtra Options
Press Down, Up, Right, A + Left in the character selection screenFight as Dural
Complete the game and hold A + Z + Up before the name entry screen appearsFight the Alphabet fighter
Highlight Lion and press Down, Up, Left, then A + Right simultaneouslyGold Dural
Before the match Hold the Right-Shift button on control pad 2Play Jacky VF1 music
Before the match Hold the Right-Shift button on control pad 1Play Sarah VF1 music
After defeating your opponent, press G, P or K to select your victory pose.Select Victory Pose
Highlight Akira and press Down, Up, Right, then A + Left simultaneouslySilver Dural
Hold A + B + C while ''KO'' is displayedSlow motion replay

Contributed By: Vegetaman, MasterMankey, NiGHTS, NTsui, and Biospark3.


Hidden Dural Movie

Beat the game in Arcade or Expert Mode on the Hardest difficulty setting. If you like you can set your health bar to No Damage and your Opponent's Damage on lowest (it will make this trick to pull off much easier too).

If you defeat Dural, you'll get a hidden movie of her (I won't tell you what it is).

Contributed By: ViperMask.