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Sound Test & Warp Magic

In the first area (Ruins 1), play through the map until you find the Master Keys. Now, step into the spot right above the keys and a hole will open on the ground. Normally, if you fall through the hole, you'll land in a little room in the basement floor. However, if you hold the jump button as you fall, you'll land in an alternative area of the basement where you'll find a free Warp Magic, and also a room where you can listen to the music and sound effects.

Contributed By: ReyVGM.


Alternate Ending

Instead of helping Alexis fight him for an alternate ending.

Contributed By: Fortebuster.

Refill your Health:

For an easy health refill: tap L+R at the same time-the screen will go black and your HP will slowly refill.

Contributed By: BXBomber.