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Donkey Kong Country



On game select screen, highlight erase data, press B, A, Down, B, Up, Down, Down, Y and then A.Bad Buddy Code (Free Switching between 2 players)
Highlight ''Erase game'' and press Down, A,R,B,Y, Down, A,Y, then press Select.Music Test
While the intro is playing, press Down, Y, Down, Down, Y.Practice the bonus rounds
Go to File Select Screen, select Erase Game (should flash), press B, A, R, R, A, L. Now choose a game.Start with 50 Lives

Contributed By: Retro, ElementalKnight, sfog, and bowser194.


Jump in mid-air.

This works in the stage, "Mine Cart Carnage". Hit the Star Barrel in the level, and then either die or pause and press "Select". Enter the stage again. When the Star Barrel explodes, IMMEDIATELY press Y and B simultaneously. You should now be jumping in the air, keep jumping by pressing Y and B in succession. You can use this glitch to jump all the way to the end of the stage.

NOTE: Do not backtrack to the beginning, as the glitch will stop functioning when you go back to the start.

Contributed By: PaperLink.


Blast through mine cart carnage

Near the begining jump over the cannon and fall next to the wall underneath. You should get blasted out of a cannon and sent in a cart almost all the way to the end of the level.

Contributed By: gamefan129.

Unlimited lives

To make this work you must use a save game.On your last life die as Diddy Kong.Then press start at the "Game Over" screen. When Cranky Kong appears press down,Y,down,down,Y. You will be brought to a room with 3 of each golden animal.You can enter any of these bonus games as often as you like.To exit, just press start, then select. You will be brought back to the last place you died in your save game.

Contributed By: Beja973.

Warp past Stop & Go Station.

As soon as you start the level, walk left back into the entrance. You will warp to the end of the stage, where some manuevering will get you past the level.

Contributed By: CVagts.