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Kirby's Dream Course


Medal Rewards

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get a Silver or Gold medal on every normal Course1-Player Extra Courses
Get any medal on every normal Course2-Player Extra Courses
Get Gold medals in every Extra courseMap Select for Extra courses
Get Silver or Gold medals in every Extra courseMap Select for Normal courses
Get any medal on every Extra CourseSound Test

Contributed By: Genis Irving and Alastor the Stylish.


Gaining extra lives

To gain an extra life, you must make a Hole in One on any level. It's usually pretty tough to do, but the extra lives come in handy late in the game!

Contributed By: DBM11085.

Name Change

To change your name without restarting the game, go to the member screen and highlight the file to be changed. Press L, R, and A at the same time to get to the Name Entry Screen.

Contributed By: MI4 REAL.

Sound Room and Dance Select

If you complete all EXTRA courses with a silver or gold medal (you have to have already completed all regular courses with a silver or gold medal) two new items will appear on the main menu: Sound Room and Dance Select. Sound Room gives you a classic sound test screen where you can hear all 125 effects and 31 music tracks. Dance Select lets you view any of the kirby dances that happen at the end of each single and 2-player round.

Contributed By: inio.