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Out of This World


Level Select Passwords

LDKDLevel 1
HRTBLevel 10
BRTDLevel 11
TFBBLevel 12
TXHFLevel 13
CKJLLevel 14
LFCKLevel 15
HTDCLevel 2
CLLDLevel 3
LBKGLevel 4
XDDJLevel 5
FXLCLevel 6
KRFKLevel 7
KLFBLevel 8
DDRXLevel 9

Contributed By: Retro.



You hold the run button and hold the jump button at the same time, Lester will do this goofy little jump-run that looks like he's skipping like a kindergarden student. This is actually a little faster than just running, so this is helpful if you're stuck at the part when running from the beast in the first stage. But doing this, for some reason, makes you more likely to get hit by laser fire from the enemy.

Contributed By: Rammstein Forever.