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RoboCop Versus The Terminator


Level Passwords

SKNNInner Sanctum
BSHKRobot Killer
RNTMSelf Destruction
MWFXSkynet Core CPU
SKMDSkynet Inner Perimeter
SKTRSkynet Outer Perimeter
DRFTStorage Facility

Contributed By: MI4 REAL.

View Ending

Enter the password "FNSH".

Contributed By: AllMySNsRTaken.


Climb Into The Sky

While climbing up a ladder, hold X+A. Oddly enough, Robocop will continue climbing past the ladder and into the sky!

By exploiting this glitch you can find many shortcuts throughout the stages, especially Skynet Outer Perimeter.

Contributed By: Innakki2.

Easter Eggs

Strange Credits

After you beat the game, during the credits press B to see a strange credits sequence after the normal one is over, such as ''Thanks to Bill Clinton'' ect. Additionally, press B at the "Final Game Score" screen to see a picture of the staff team.

Contributed By: GeckoGamer.