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Super Mario Kart


Small Racer

When at the character select screen (only in racing) hold Y and push A and your chacter will become small. This will not effect speed whatsoever, it will only make it so your opponents can run you over to slow you down. Hold Y and push A to make yourself big again.

Hold Y, then push AShrink your racer

Contributed By: Marvelis.

Unlock Special Cup on Time Trial and 2P Match Race

Go to Time Trial or 2P Match Race, put the cursor on Mushroom Cup and press: L,R,L,R,L,L,R,R,A. If you haven't unlocked Special Cup already, it'll be available now.

Contributed By: grgbunny and Joseph Collins.


Continue playing after you lose (Battle Mode)

When you're on your last balloon, hop over a banana peel. After the music changes and the screen darkens, you can still drive your kart around. You can even pick up items, use them, and the Star music will play if you obtain it. This glitch stops working if you stop your kart.

Contributed By: Zero_Saber_X.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Obtain the Gold Cup in the Mushroom, Flower, Star, and Special Cups in the 100cc mode.150cc Circuit
Win the Gold Cup in the Mushroom, Flower, and Star Cups in 100ccSpecial Cup Tracks

Contributed By: DBM11085.


Camera Pan

Choose any character and go to any time trial and finish it without making any mistakes. Now, when you watch the little replay clip of your race, press L or R to make the camera swing around your character.

Contributed By: NiGHTS Man Rick.

Extra Credits

If you finish three races in the same place, you'll earn an extra continue.

Contributed By: Ryan Rider.

Ghost Racer Save, Race Against Saved Ghost

When you have a ghost that you'd like to save in Time Trials, hold L, R, and Y at the menu screen that displays after you've completed a Time Trial race and press X. The name of the course on which the ghost was saved will be highlighted in yellow on the Course Select menu. To race against the ghost you saved, choose the course(the one highlighted in yellow) and hold L or R while pressing B when the screen asks ''Is this OK?'' and the arrow is pointing to ''Yes''.

Contributed By: Gamer7048.

Race ghost COM player in Time Trials.

Select 1P Time Trials and then on the select driver screen, press START on 2nd controller. It will bring up a driver select for COM. Select who you want it to be. You can now race a ghost driver anytime.

Contributed By: MI4 REAL.

Speed Boost

This speed boost can occur at the beginning of a race. When the three lights begin to count down, if you press the Acceleration button just before the second light lights up, and you hold it until the race starts, you get a boost of speed. If this speed boost is timed and positioned right, it can easily put you in first place right from the start.

Contributed By: DarkAbyss.