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Set the turbo switch for I to full. Then, hold Select + I and press Run on the title screen.Extra credits

Contributed By: Mr T Virus.

Multiple Credits Cheat for Wii U(TG16/Virtual Console)

Using Wii U Pro Controller press ZR to open Virtual Console Menu. Go to Controller Setting and select Wii U Pro Controller change "A"(l Button) to "A"(I Button "Fast Rapid-Fire"). Then when you go back to title screen, press and hold "-"(SELECT) and "A" at the same time. You should get multiple credits more than the regular 3. You get the maximum of up to 20-21 credits. If you want to go all the way to 21 credits, make sure to press "+"(START) before game goes to demo mode. Once you get your first game over, from continue screen you should still have 20 credits left. P.S. This code also works with the Wii U Gamepad, Classic Controller Pro, and Wiimote. Happy Gaming!! :)

Contributed By: SilverFox01.