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Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention


Accessing New Vita Content Early

Load up the game and highlight continue. Input Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X. If you do this right, then you will hear Maos voice. After this, start the game normally. You'll now find the Parallel Worlder at the bottom levels of the base under the stairs. After clearing the tutorial, talk to him and the new content will become available to you.

Contributed By: Altsune.


Hero Prinny and Mid-Boss

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Clear "First love!? Legend of the Super Delinquint" , then reach the postgameHero Prinny and Mid-Boss

Contributed By: Okamiden3.

How To Get Them All Diez Gentlemen

Each of the Diez Gentlemen can be acquired by starting a New Game+ while Mao is at at a certain level or above

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Level 64Beyond X
Level 300Bo Tie
Level 700Breezy Satina
Level 64Gorillian
Level 400Goro
Level 600Pauline
Level 64Prinny Mask
Level 500Se-to-oh
Level 64Shyrone

Contributed By: Carlo_741.

Unlock Endings

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win stage 8-4 with Almaz alone and the battle afterAlmaz's Ending
Clear Death Institute, Majin Academy Side StoryDeath Institute, Majin Academy Ending
Kill more then 99 allies and clear two alt. stages by stage 7-6Human World Ending
Go to homeroom and propose "Watch a New Ending" and clear the stageLaharl's Ending
Clear stage 1-9 on 2nd or higher cycle before stage 4-4Mao's Ambition Ending
Don't meet any other ending's requirementNormal Ending
Clear Raspberyl Version Side StoryRaspberyl Version Ending
Lose against Raspberyl on stage 1-5Raspberyl's Ending 1
Lose against Raspberyl on stage 2-1Raspberyl's Ending 2
Use Mao at Lv 500 or higher to defeat final bossSuper Hero Ending

Contributed By: Altsune and Hispanicguy.

Unlock the DLC Characters from the PS3 Version

To unlock these, you must beat the main game and reach a certain point in the side stories. Upon accomplishing the second condition, you get a message about the character wanting to meet with you.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Second Period of Raspberyl ModeGordon
Beat Second Period of Raspberyl ModeJennifer
Beat First Period of Raspberyl ModeKurtis
Beat First Period of Raspberyl ModePrinny Kurtis
Beat Second Period of Raspberyl ModeThurdsay
Beat Third Period of Raspberyl ModeTink

Contributed By: SILKA_II.

Unlockable Cameo Characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Clear Class World Command Attack with less than 145 commandsAramis
Beat extra map 4Asagi
Beat extra map 6Axel
Beat extra map 7Laharl, Etna, and Flonne
Beat extra map 5Marona
Beat extra map 1Master Big Star
In Survival, get 7 Level Spheres and wish for the Mascot CharacterPleinair
Beat extra map 3Prism Red
Beat extra map 2Salvatore
Finish 3rd Period of 'Raspberyl version'Super hero Aurum

Contributed By: Altsune, RaqibMarvelous, and AL92.

Unlockable Characters/Modes

Some Characters/Modes require you to meet certain requirements

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Clear "Evil Academy Culture Fair", then talk to the Parallel Worlder"Death Inst., Majin Academy" Side Story
Clear the Raspberyl,Super Delinquent and Battle for the Test! Side Stories"Evil Academy Culture Fair" Side Story
Recruit Fuka and Desco, the pass the "Make a Final Boss?" bill as Mao"Mass Produced Desco" Generic Class
Finish Death Inst., Majin Academy Pt. 2, and then reach the postgameFuka and Desco
Clear "Evil Academy Culture Fair", then reach the postgameGig and Revya
Reach the postgame, and then talk to the Angel NPC by the Dimension GuideItem/Class World/Survival Attack
Finish the Raspberyl VersionOutfit Shop(Raspberyl)
Finish Death Inst., Majin Academy Pt. 2(They will already be recruited when you return)Rutile and Stella Grossular
Reach the postgame, then reach 4th Period in the Raspberyl VersionSuper Hero Aurum

Contributed By: sonicvssilver22.

Unlocking Classes

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Have a level 15 Valkyrie and ClericArcher
Have a level 15 Warrior and Martial ArtistArmored Knight
Have a level 15 Valkyrie and Fight MistressBeast Master
Have a level 40 Armored Knight and Beast MasterBerserker
Beat the Item World Command Attack on any difficulty in under 145 commandsCelestial Host
Have a level 25 Wiseman and ClericCheerleader
Defeat a Dragon in Item World or Class WorldDragon
Unlock Desco, pass the, "Create a Final Boss?" bill as MaoFactory Desco
Defeat a Felynn in Item World or Class WorldFelynn
Have a level 35 Valkyrie and ArcherFemale Samurai
Have a level 15 Magician and ThiefGunner
Have a level 15 Witch and ThiefGunslinger
Have a level 30 Fight Mistress and WitchKunoichi
Have a level 25 Warrior/Valkyrie and Magician/WitchMagic Knight
Get the Normal or Good endingMajin
Have a level 45 Thief and Gunner/GunslingerMasked Hero
Have a level 30 Martial Artist and MagicianNinja
Have a level 15 Warrior and ClergyRanger
Have a level 35 Warrior and RangerSamurai
Have a level 25 Wiseman and Magician/WitchShaman
Having a level 20 Martial Artist/Fight Mistress and Male/Female ClericWiseman

Contributed By: RaqibMarvelous.



There are 48 Bronze Trophies, 3 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Destroy your enemies with evil teamwork!10 Piece Combo Meal
Welcome to Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention! We welcome new and returning players alike! Enjoy!A Single Step
Let's cross this continent!All-Pro Receiver
Reaching the 100th floor...in Carnage!Arcarnageologist
If it spins, it's only natural to want to spin it.As the World Turns
How 'bout buying some music for a change?BGM Lover
We're going to outer space, baby!Call Me Nacho Cinco!
I am indeed the No.1 Honor Student!Ch.1 Netherworld Honor Student Complete
I was supposed to pour salt and pepper on it, instead of hot sauce!Ch.2 Mao's Heart Complete
Boss! Boss! Boss!Ch.3 The Freshmen Leader! Complete
Babuu.Ch.4 Almaz the Hero Complete
Hot Hot Sensitive Tongue Slash! Kiiiiiaaaaahhhhh!Ch.5 Grand War Complete
Hmhmhm.Ch.6 The Reckoning Complete
Gimme an autograph later!Ch.7 An Eye for an Eye Complete
I won't stop hitting until you stop getting up.Combo No. 255
Now you're the Class World King!Commando King
It's a story about a friendship born through fisticuffs.Cross Fists as Friends
Force your will on them, like the demon your are!Demon King: Have It Your Way
I'm not going to get my "a" back?Eryngi Baal Slayer
I will...become the Overlord!Finale Complete
Mooove! My fingers are on fire!!!Finger Flicking Good
That was just a warm. Now I'm ready to go!First Setback
More training! You can do more!Giga Damage!
Yay! You got a new ally!Gotcha!
Thanks for playing! But we suggest you take a break.Hardcore Gamer!
Isn't jumping sooo much fun?Hop, Step, Jump
Why me...?I Got Gummed...
Axel never stops working! Even in the Item World!I Had an Axeldent!
Playing with bombs in Homeroom? You're quite an honor student.It's Da Bomb!
Congratulations on reaching the 100th floor! You're on the right track to become a hardcore player!Item Spelunker
You are the Item World Champ!IWCA Flyweight Champion
*blush* Oh, you can stand, meow.Kneel Before Cat God!
Transform! Yeah!Magichangician
I shall take over this Academy!Majin Academy Complete
Do massive chains! Use your brain to the max!Master of the Chain
You gotta train! For starters, a million damage!Mega Damage!
It's only natural for a demon to take everything.Omni Bonus!
It's always been a dream to defeat a PE teacher...PE Teacher Destroyer
Congratulations on getting all the trophies!Platinum Trophy
Aren't you happy to be surrounded by your favorite characters?Playing Favorites
Erase everything! Train that brain!Puzzle Master
You all graduate, today!Raspberyl Version Complete
Reverse Pirates, yeah! Nothing is left in our wake...Reverse Pirates! Everything is Mine!
Reverse Pirates, yeah! We're taking all the Innocents with us!Reverse Pirates! I Shall Take Your Innocents!
Reverse Pirates, yeah! All that treasure's just for me!Reverse Pirates! Your Treasure is Mine!
As a proud demon, I'll buy everything at the store!Shopping Spree
I'll never stop talking!Shut Up Already!
The HQ at this school is truly amazing.Super Honor Student
You truly are the Survival Master!Survival Class: Passed
Even more training! Good job!Tera Damage!
I'm just testing your loyalty.The Shamshank Redemon
This is the epitome of a tower!The Towertastic Ten
Don't your legs feel stronger from all that jumping?Treasure Hunter
I've been waiting for you in this Mystery Room!Trophy Shopper

Contributed By: Guard Master.