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New Little King's Story



There are 38 Bronze Trophies, 9 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Obliterated Blue DragonAll-time Submonster Champion
Completed the Animal EncyclopediaAnimal King
Obliterated Onii FollowersArrogance King
Lived happily ever after with a flowery personBloooming Strength
Aquired 20 Types of OutfitsChangeup King
Completed the Monster EncyclopediaConquistador King
Completed All Kingdom PlansDevelopment King
Obliterated WeirdoEnvy King
Clearaed the escape tutorialEscape King
Everyone Lived Happily Ever AfterEternal Happiness
Completed the Spot EncyclopediaExplorer King
Obliterated Dessert-loversFace-stuffing King
Collected 100,000,000 BolFat Bucks King
Completed the Gem EncyclopediaGem King
Completed the Gourmet EncyclomediaGourmand King
Obliterated Cow BonesGraveyard Submonster
Obliterated Pervy ProducerGreed King
Cleared Liam's tutorialHalf-baked King
Cleared 15 QuestsHelper King
Stopped Destruction of the WorldHero King
Screamed at the SeaHoller at Tomorrow!
Cleared 30 QuestsHumanitarian King
Used JUMP! Cannon Over 50 TriesJUMP! Cannon King
Lived happily ever after with a defiant personJust As You Are
Carefree Population Reached 100 People, Causing a Job ShortageKarefree Kingdom
You fulfilled ALL accomplishments in the kingdom!Kingiest King EVER
Completed the Record EncyclopediaLegend King
Obliterated Mush BroMushroom Forest Submonster
Completed the Humming EncyclopediaMusic King
Obliterated CasanovaNaughty King
Obliterated 100 OniiOnii Hunter
Obliterated Owl YamanbaOwl Forest Submonster
Saved 100,000 Bol and built your first workhousePoverty Elimination King
Obliterated Blitzing BirdsRage King
Obliterated RadeezeRed Turnip Forest Submonster
Obliterated Mush GeezerShadow Forest Submonster
Lived happily ever after with a person who loves musicSing a Song of Happiness
Obliterated Troublesome DrunkardsSloth King
Kissed a Princess 10 TimesSmooch Monster
Lived happily ever after with a cute personSweet Future
Lived happily ever after with a pure and innocent personTakin' Care of Love
Lived happily ever after with a mysteriously reunited personTogether Again
Lived happily ever after with that special someoneTogether Forever
Obliterated Ogre ErgoTom Forest Submonster
Total Number of Incapacitated Citizens Reached 50Tyrant King
Lived happily ever after with a supple and beautiful personUnyielding Light
Obliterated YvonneUpchuck Forest Submonster
Obliterated Clockwork KnightWavy Rock Forest Submonster
Collected 15 Types of WeaponsWeapon King
Aquired 20 Types of MasksWig-out King

Contributed By: Guard Master.