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Sumioni: Demon Arts



There are 10 Bronze Trophies, 2 Silver Trophies, and 1 Gold Trophy.

Expanded ink guage to max.All My Ink
Expanded life guage to max.All My Life
Achieved Ending 5.Ambitions Realized
Summoned firebird Inkgod 30x in a single save slot.Dancing Flame
Achieved all endings in a single save slot.Every Legend Told
Achieved Ending 4.Good Enough
Achieved Ending 2.I'll Get To It Tomorrow
Achieved Ending 1.Idle Oni
Spent > 1 hr. in multi-edge mode in a single save slot.Master of Swords
Summoned lion Inkgod 30x in a single save slot.Might of the Lion
Achieved Ending 6.Redrawer of the Line
Inflicted status ailment on 10 foes in a single save slot.Tactician
Achieved Ending 3.Vagrant

Contributed By: Microstout.