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MUD - FIM Motocross World Championship



There are 38 Bronze Trophies, 10 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Complete a hard Quick Race of 7 minutes + 2 laps in MUD World TourA Hard Race Night
Win a Monster Energy FIM MXoN in MultiplayerA man, a nation
Win all the events of at least one Level in MUD World TourAfter me the deluge!
Create a Lobby and Start a race!Be the Host!
Finish in one of the first three positions without falling in Official ModeDo NOT like the ground!
Buy the 9th Level in MUD World TourDynamite Fuel
Pass through a total amount of 250 Checkpoints in MUD World TourEager for Checkpoints
Win a Quick Race in Official ModeEasy as falling off a log
Win all the events of all the Levels in MUD World TourEnough??
Unlock all helmets in MUD World TourFashion Victim
Do 15 Holeshots in any Game Mode!Faster than light!
Do 25 Burning Starts in any Game Mode!Firestarter
Beat Cairoli in the first race of a Championship in Official ModeFirst Round
Buy the 5th Level in MUD World TourFlaming Wheels
Win the Monster Energy FIM MXoN Event in MUD World TourFour Heroes, one Champion!
Buy the 2nd Level in MUD World TourGetting to know your new Heroes
Accomplish your Heroes' Team Target 20 times in MUD World TourGilded Crew
Complete a race with a Hero with the right Talent for that Event in MUD World TourHe definitely has talent!
Beat Roczen in a Championship in Official ModeHit the Rock
Complete a Monster Energy FIM MXoN race in Official ModeHomeboy
Buy your first equipment card in MUD World Tour!I hope you like cards
Take part in 20 races in MultiplayerI love my Connection!
Reach 5 points in one of your Hero Skills in MUD World TourIs he your favourite?
Select the same gate number 5 times on different tracksIs that your heaven spot?
Reach the top (10) in one of your Hero Skills in MUD World TourIt is NOT his Achilles' heel!
Complete at least one race on all 12 Official Tracks in any Game ModeKnow 'em all
Stay in first position from the Holeshot to the end of a Championship Race in Official ModeLet them eat dust
Buy the 13th Level in MUD World TourMUD Princess
Complete 100 races in MultiplayerMultiplayer Maniac
Unlock all TrophiesOwned
Earn 450 experience points in a Quick Race in MultiplayerPoints to count
Complete 150 races in any Game Mode apart from Qualifying ModeRace again, and again!
Reach Level 20 in MultiplayerRaising to the top!
Enter for the first time in the Main Page of MUD World TourReady to get MUD?
Win a Quick Race in MultiplayerRide hard or ride home!
Enter for the first time in Photo Mode Camera of any game mode.Saving the Best Moments
Perform 30 Scrubs in any Game Mode!Scrub Around
Reach Level 50 in MultiplayerSomeone is getting better
Fall a total of 10 times in a race in any Game ModeTake a course of MUD
Buy all Levels, Events and Heroes in MUD World TourThe Collector
Win an MX1 Official Championship in Official ModeThe conquest of the throne!
Win all the events of at least one Level with all your Heroes in MUD World TourThe four MUDsketeers.
Visit one of the available Arenas in MUD World TourThe Gladiator
Accomplish your Heroes' Trick Crew Target 10 times in MUD World TourThe guys love me
Enter the Main MenuThe last starting Trophy
Unlock all MX1 Teams in MUD World TourThe Team Check List
Buy all the Energy Drink Cards in MUD World TourThirst for Resistance
Finish in one of the first 3 positions in the first 3 Races of a Championship in Official ModeThree is better than one
Pass through 45 Checkpoints in the same Checkpoint Race in MUD World TourWhat a Record!
Buy all the Trick Cards in MUD World TourYou are a Tricky Guy
Customise a Championship in Official ModeYou like it different!

Contributed By: Guard Master.