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Alien Breed (PS Mobile)



There are 21 Bronze Trophies.

Kill 10 AliensAssault
Defeat A Boss Alien Together With FlamethrowersBurn, Baby Burn
Make Your First KillFirst Blood
Complete Alien BreedHard As Nails
Score 1,000,000 Co-Op Points On A LevelHe Shoots, He Scores
Complete 17 Co-Op GamesIsr4-C
Purchase All Weapons From The ShopLocked And Loaded
Watch The Alien Breed PrologueNever Get It Back
Flame 1000 AliensRipley
Kill 50 Aliens During A CountdownRoxanne
Complete Alien Breed Level 2 Without Firing Your WeaponRun, Stone Run!
Kill 2 Aliens With One ShotSaving Ammo
Collect Every Pickup On A LevelScavenger
Reach An Exit Deck Lift With 1 Second RemainingSeconds Out
Die Together In The Mashers On Convergence Level 4Smashing
Score 17,171,717 Points Total Single Or Co-Op PlayTeamster
Complete A Level In Co-OpThere's No I In Team
Complete Alien Breed Se Level 11 In Co-Op Without Tripping The AlarmTread Carefully
Kill 100 AliensWarming Up
Defeat A Boss Without Firing The Assault RifleWho's The Boss?
Complete A Level Using No KeysYou're Only Supposed To Blow The Bl**dy Doors Off

Contributed By: Guard Master.