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Flying Hamster HD


Ability to change weapons whenever you want

Just beat hard mode (with or without continues) to unlock the capacity to use select any weapon at anytime using L and R. Hard mode itself is unlocked by beating normal mode. Careful though : the weapons still have limited ammo and when out, you will have to cycle through the arsenal again to find the weapon you were using. To prevent that, tap L and then R (or vice versa) to reload the ammo.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat hard modeAbility to change weapons whenever you want

Contributed By: PetitVer.



There are 13 Bronze Trophies, 1 Silver Trophy, and 1 Gold Trophy.

Clear game in Hard Mode using 1 credit1 Credit Hard Mode
Clear game in Normal Mode using 1 credit1 Credit Normal Mode
Destroy secret passage from stage 2 (Normal Mode)Adventurer
Finish any level without firing (except for the boss) with 1 creditAvoid them all!
Destroy all columns in Stage 2 (Normal Mode)Column breaker
Clear game in Normal ModeFinish Normal Mode
Go through Stage 5-2 (Normal Mode) without losing any HPHamster Master
Finish any level using spit weapon onlyHardcore spitter
Kill jumping ram from stage 1 (Normal Mode)Kill that ram!
Kill jetpack robot from stage 3 (Normal Mode)Kill that robot!
Score 1.000.000 pointsMillionaire score
Kill hen and all crows in Stage 1Screen clear using a berry
Kill all bats using a berry on the wall in Stage 2Screen clear using a berry #2
Reach first position in the local Hi-score tableTop score
Finish Stage 1 (Normal Mode)Welcome to Flying Hamster!

Contributed By: Guard Master.