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Alien Breed



There are 21 Bronze trophies.

Kill 10 aliensASSAULT (Bronze)
Defeat a boss alien together with flamethrowersBURN, BABY BURN (Bronze)
Make your first killFIRST BLOOD (Bronze)
Complete Alien BreedHARD AS NAILS (Bronze)
Score 1,000,000 Co-op points on a levelHE SHOOTS, HE SCORES (Bronze)
Complete 17 Co-op gamesISR4-C (Bronze)
Purchase all weapons from the shopLOCKED AND LOADED (Bronze)
Watch the Alien Breed prologueNEVER GET IT BACK (Bronze)
Flame 1000 aliensRIPLEY (Bronze)
Kill 50 aliens during a countdownROXANNE (Bronze)
Complete Alien Breed Level 2 without firing your weaponRUN, STONE RUN! (Bronze)
Kill 2 aliens with one shotSAVING AMMO (Bronze)
Collect every pickup on a levelSCAVENGER (Bronze)
Reach an exit deck lift with 1 second remainingSECONDS OUT (Bronze)
Die together in the Mashers on Convergence Level 4SMASHING (Bronze)
Score 17,171,717 points total in single or Co-op playTEAMSTER (Bronze)
Complete a level in Co-opTHERE'S NO I IN TEAM (Bronze)
Complete Alien Breed SE Level 11 in Co-op without tripping the alarmTREAD CAREFULLY (Bronze)
Kill 100 aliensWARMING UP (Bronze)
Defeat a boss without firing the assault rifleWHO'S THE BOSS? (Bronze)
Complete a level using no keysYOU'RE ONLY SUPPOSED TO BLOW THE BL**DY DOORS OFF (Bronze)

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.