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The LEGO Movie Videogame


Character Unlock Codes

At the oversized LEGO box in Bricksburg, you can enter the codes below to unlock the corresponding character (who is otherwise made available over the course of the game and then unlocked using collected studs as payment).

F3VG47Abraham Lincolin
FNHLTKEmmet (Clown)
UOOAQYEmmet (Lizard)
NIHX2BEmmet (Old West)
HJ4C21Emmet (Pajamas)
FXP9ANGallant Guard
OSSVNIGreen Ninja
A76DN7Lady Liberty
K7TDXJLarry The Barista
KGJ4DULord Vampyre
UP7HJQMrs. Scratchen-Post
NG73OMPanda Guy
GFH2F8Robo SWAT (Laser)
BID12FSwamp Creature
BC2XJ5Vitruvious (Young)

Contributed By: moss022.

Pant Codes

At the oversized LEGO box in Bricksburg, you can enter the codes below to unlock the corresponding pants for your character (which you otherwise must find and unlock over the course of the game).

Johnny Thunder & Super Secret Pants6LK3FRL6 or HVL4TQT4
Robo Pilot & Astro Pants6LK3RRY4 or HVL4TB94
Angry Kitty & Construction Pants6LK78NN9 or HVLH63VL
Blacktron Fan & Musical Pants6LKMNDHR or HVLLRX6R

Contributed By: ldurant.



There are 20 Bronze Trophies, 9 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Finish "Cloud Under Attack"Ambush Avoided
Collect All Red BricksBrick by Brick
Unlock all CharactersComplete Collection
Rescue All Civilians and Master BuildersEverything Is Alright
Collect All TrophiesEverything Is Awesome
Complete a Skydive as SupermanFalling With Style
Finish "Cloud Cuckoo Land"Head In The Clouds
Finish "Flatbush Town"High Noon Showdown
Finish "Police Station"I Fought The Law
Defeat 20 Enemies using Batman's special movesI'm Batman!
Finish "Prologue"In The Beginning
Complete an Instruction BuildInstructions Followed
Have Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern in the same partyJustice Served
Destroy all Lord Business statuesMuch Statue About Nothing
Destroy every SSP Dropship in the gameNo Fly Zone
Complete a Build-It or Master Build as EmmetNo Instructions Needed
Defeat one of each enemy typeNo One Is Safe
Finish "Flatbush Gulch"Not So Special
Defeat 50 Enemies using Bad CopParticular Set Of Skills
Finish "The Cube Ship"Prophecy Fulfilled
Finish "TV Station"Rallying Call
Defeat Lord Business With Vitruvius In Your PartyRedemption
Finish "Flatbush Rooftops"Rooftop Rumble
Collect All MinikitsScavenger Hunt
Finish "Spaceship Escape"Spaceship! Spaceship!!!
Defeat 100 enemies using special movesSpecial One
Finish "Business HQ"Stick To The Plan
Finish "Submarine"The High Seas
Complete All Multi-Part ChallengesThe Magic Number
Complete All Timed ChallengesThe Speedster
Finish "Attack on Bricksberg"The Tide Begins To Turn
Finish "The Kragle"Think Tank
Finish "Flatbush Chase"Used Your Head
Collect All Missing PantsWhere Are My Pants?
Déjà Vu for GandalfYou Shall Not Pass

Contributed By: Guard Master.