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New Super Mario Bros. U

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Layer-Cake Desert Gameplay - New Super Luigi U 06/26/13
Rolling Yoshi Hills Gameplay - New Super Luigi U 06/26/13
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New Super Luigi U coming to retail in August 05/17/13
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Nintendo not hosting press conference at E3 2013 04/24/13
Nintendo turns a profit but misses sales forecast by half 04/24/13
New video shows Wii U loading times shortened via system update 03/27/13
Luigi-themed DLC coming to New Super Mario Bros. U 02/14/13
Relationships in Games 02/13/13
Nintendo slices Wii U sales forecast but expects to return to profit 01/30/13
New 3D Mario announced for Wii U 01/23/13
Wii U fails to outsell its predecessor in December 01/11/13
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Wii U out in Singapore and Asia in 2013 12/19/12
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Premium pack accounts for 60 percent of UK Wii U sales 12/03/12
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Final issue of Nintendo Power pays homage to origin 11/30/12
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Old Navy giving away New Super Mario Bros. U on Black Friday 11/13/12
Wii U to tour Australia 10/31/12
Wii U Showcase: New Super Mario Bros U and more! - EB Expo 2012 10/07/12
Interview With Charles Martinet 10/06/12
Nintendo Wii U to be playable at EB Expo 2012 09/26/12
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Wii U out on December 8 in Japan 09/13/12
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Nintendo E3 2012 Press Conference 06/05/12
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How a New Mario Uses a New GamePad 06/05/12
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