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Uplay Rewards

These Rewards Can Only Be Unlocked After Being Redeemed In Uplay

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Redeem For 30 PointsBonus videos
Redeem For 20 PointsCricket bat customization
Redeem For 40 PointsThe Last of Them Multiplayer Game Mode
Redeem For 10 PointsZombiU Logo 80s style

Contributed By: redluigi11.


Re-open all manhole covers

During the final portion of the game, after you have retrieved the Doc's eye, return to the safe house (after going through the kitchen). Once you do this, the prepper basically closes off all fast track routes. From here in the safe house you can go back to each level, locate the manhole covers and re-open them. This will allow you to fast track to any level again, which can make escaping the palace a lot easier.

Contributed By: DocPayne99.