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The Wonderful 101


Unlock Secret Characters

To unlock these characters you must have completed the game (any difficulty), O-parts (1000000 per set), and enter cheat code at very specific areas of the game To unlock, go to designated location and enter this cheat code: Hold down ZR and press up, down, up, right, left, X, B, Y, A.

Location: Starting position of the PrologueCentinals Set: Wonder-Captain, Wonder-Scarf, Wonder-Gramps
Location: During the Epilogue, right after the first car is cut offReal Superheroes Set: Wonder-Goggles, Poseman, Wonder-Director
Location: Operation 009-B, starting position of the battle with the shield-generating deviceRivals Set: Prince Vorkken, Chewgi, Immorta
Operation 006-B, during the battle with Laambo, to the west by bowl of noodle soupThe Olden Days Set: Wonder-Daddy, Wonder-Future, Wonder-Red (Emeritus)
Go to the start of Operation 001(outside the school)Unlocks Bayonetta, Jeanne & Rodin

Contributed By: Hambodias and M4s3.


Hard mode

Complete the game under normal difficulty to unlock Hard mode. You will also unlock the gallery and character bios.

Contributed By: CerberusAzdin.

Easter Eggs

Wonderful Ones' Eyes

During a cutscene, holding down ZR will allow you to see through the Wonderful Ones' masks and see their eyes.

Contributed By: murtaza64.