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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD


Great Fairy Upgrades

To upgrade your Arrow, Bomb, Magic, and Rupee-carrying capacity, you must visit the eight Great Fairies hidden throughout the Great Sea (certain tools are required).

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Use the Skull Hammer to pound in the pegArrow Upgrade I -- A-3: Western Fairy Island
Use the Skull Hammer to pound in the three pegsArrow Upgrade II -- G-4: Thorned Fairy Island
Warp to this island to receive the Fire & Ice Arrows from the Fairy QueenArrow Upgrade III -- B-2: Mother & Child Isles
Bomb the woooden gate blocking the entrywayBomb Upgrade I -- E-3: Eastern Fairy Island
Bomb the woooden gate blocking the entrywayBomb Upgrade II -- D-6: Southern Fairy Island
Destroy the Big Octo found in this quadrant to free the Great Fairy found here and double your Magic MeterMagic Meter Upgrade -- D-7: Two-Eye Reef
Bomb the large boulder in front of the entrywayWallet Upgrade I -- C-1: Northern Fairy Island
Bomb the large boulder in the Forest of FairiesWallet Upgrade II -- B-7: Outset Island

Contributed By: Awakened_Link.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game once2nd Quest
Become Lenzo's Research AssistantDeluxe Pictobox
Beat the Savage LabyrinthHero's Charm
Give Orca on Outset Island 10 Knight's CrestsHurricane Spin Attack
Collect all five Tingle StatuesKnuckle
Win it at Windfall's Auction House at nightSwift Sail

Contributed By: TourianTourist and KeyBlade999.

Enemy/Boss Tips

Defeat Kalle Demos in One Hit

Kalle Demos, the boss of the Forest Haven dungeon, can be defeated in a single hit. When you use the Boomerang to cut the boss's vines and knock the plant onto the ground, a small plant inside of it will be revealed. If you pour Forest Water onto this plant (which is the boss), the boss will be instantly defeated.

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.