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NES Remix


Gold/Rainbow Frames and Different Menu Music

Earning three stars in every level of a game will add a gold frame around that game's icon. Likewise, earning three rainbow stars in every level of a game will add a rainbow frame around that game's icon. Earning either frame for a game will change the music that is playing when the game is selected on the menu.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Earn three stars in every level of a gameGold frame around game
Earn three rainbow stars in every level of a gameRainbow frame around game

Contributed By: jakestar0306.

Rainbow Banner across menu screen

There is a default Gold Banner which spans the entire menu screen near the top. To unlock a Rainbow Banner, the final reward, you must earn all 612 Rainbow Stars on the challenges!

UnlockableHow to Unlock
612 Rainbow StarsRainbow Banner

Contributed By: da_PreNz.

Unlocking Extra Games

There are eight game packs that are not available from the start. To unlock them you must obtain starts by completing challenges in the different games.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect 310 stars across all challengesBonus
Collect 250 stars across all challengesClu Clu Land
Collect 220 stars across all challengesGolf
Collect 160 stars across all challengesIce Climber
Collect 190 stars across all challengesPinball
Collect 155 stars across all challengesRemix II
Collect 100 stars across all challengesThe Legend of Zelda
Collect 130 stars across all challengesWrecking Crew

Contributed By: SpiralSage and stevemcginn.