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Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure


Bypass Final Mine Field - Stealth Elf Heroic Challenge

In the final area of Minefield Mishap, you are supposed to carefully walk through a maze of mines to reach a golden staff. This entire maze can be skipped. After taking the last teleporter, you see the staff item on your characters right. You need to collect this in order to complete the challenge. If you walk directly towards the staff and into the first mine on your characters right, you can push and walk through the gap before the mine replaces itself. You'll get knocked back and take damage, but the mine wall wont replace the detonated mine before you walk through again. This is especially easy for characters with a dash move.

Contributed By: Rossmacdaddy.

Double Trouble's Heroic Challenge Secret Way to Win

Some Skylanders have difficulties do finish the Double Trouble's Heroic Challenge (You Break It, You Buy It!), but there's a way to help. You need any Location Piece (2 will help more)/Anvil Rain, or the Time Twister Hourglass/Winged Boots, or booth. When you go to a place with hard-located enemies for certain Skylanders, use any Location Piece/Anvil Rain to defeat then without breaking anything. Use your Time Twister Hourglass/Winged Boots to gain time in empty sections.

Contributed By: Antygames.

Treasure Chest Secret (Wii Only)

In the Wii version, use your Legendary Treasure Chest Magic Item in The Ruins. Collect the treasure, then talk to any character. After talking, come back to the place of the Treasure Chest, and collect the treasure again. You can make that infinitely.

Contributed By: Antygames.



Accolades are tasks given by the game, and, while it doesn't are needed to a 100% file, some players like to have then, as some of then give XP boosts. Here is the list:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Have 1 Skylander of each element.Ambassador
Have 1 non-Starter Pack Skylander (3DS starters can be used, but starter variants not).Captain
Collect all Story Scrolls (including Adventure Packs).Chief Scholar
Have 12 different Skylanders.Commander
Make 1 Skylander complete all 32 Heroic Challenges.Elite Agent
Collect 10 Hats.Fashion Elite
Have 24 different Skylanders.Field Marshal
Have 16 different Skylanders.General
Earn all Accolades.Grand Admiral
Have all 32 Skylanders.Master of Skyland
Collect the Soul Gems of the 3 Starter Pack Skylanders.Power Excavator
Complete Story Mode (not including Adventure Packs).Savior of Skylands
Collect 10 Legendary Treasures.Seeker Adept
Have 8 different Skylanders.Sergeant Warrior
Earn 3-Star Rank on all Story Mode chapters (not including Adventure Packs).Skylander Superstar
Collect all Soul Gems.Soul Warden
Collect 10 Story Scrolls.Student of Thought
Collect all Legendary treasures (including Adventure Packs).Treasure Hunter
Collect all Hats.Wardrobe Saint

Contributed By: Antygames.