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uDraw Tablet with Disney Princess and uDraw Studio


CREATE THE WORLD OF UDRAW AND UNLEASH YOUR IMAGINATIONS! Interact with your Wii like never before and connect your TV with the revolutionary uDraw GameTablet. Enter a world of inspiration with interactive art you can create, play, and share online! PLAY GAMES Interactive gaming fun with exclusive uDraw games! CONTROLS Powered by your standard Wii Remote. Uses existing Wii Remote buttons and functionality. STYLUS Lightweight interactive pressure sensitive stylus. MOTION CONTROL Uses motion controls in the Wii Remote. SHARE Create and share your masterpiece with the world! EASY TO USE Discover your inner artist with hundreds of drawing tools! CREATIVE Be inspired with hours of creative, artistic gameplay! Bring the Enchanting Storybooks to Life! Use your magic brush to fill the Disney Princess kingdoms with colour, music & magic! EXPRESSING YOUR CREATIVITY HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER!
Release Date: November 18, 2011 (Europe)

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