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Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam


Passwords for Cheats

Enter these cheats at the cheats password option.

PointHoggerAlways Special
HelloHeliumChipmunk Voices
EvilChimneySweepDemon Skater
DisplayCoordinatesDisplay Coordinates
IMISSMANUALSEnables Manuals (Up then Down on the D-Pad)
WatchForDoorsExtreme Car Crashes
FirstPersonJamFirst Person Skater
OotbaghForeverFree Boost
NowYouSeeMeInvisible Skater
BirdBirdBirdBirdLarge Birds
DownTheRabbitHoleMini Skater
TightRopeWalkerPerfect Manual
LikeTiltingAPlatePerfect Rail
IAmBobPerfect Stats
FourLightsPicasso Skater
TonyFishDownhillJamPower Of The Fish!
BirdBirdBirdBirdBirdReally Large Birds
ChimneySweepShadow Skater
ShrinkThePeopleTiny People
RaidTheWoodshedUnlock All Boards & Outfits
AdventuresOfKwangUnlock All Events
FreeBozzlerUnlock All Movies
ImInterfacingUnlock All Skaters

Contributed By: DarkNinMagic and Slateman.


Unlockable boards

Get gold, silver, or bronze on the event to unlock

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Precision Shopping Slalom (Tier 7)Black Icer
Vista Point Race (Random)Chaos
Grind Time (Tier 4)Cruiser
He-Man Club/Girl Power (Tier 5)Dark Sign
Machu Picchu Top to Bottom Race (Tier 7)Dispersion
Swiss Elimination (Tier 9)Dragon
The Hills Are Alive Tricks (Tier 9)Goddess of Speed
Machu Pichu Top to Bottom Tricks (Tier 4)Illuminate
Hong Kong Race (Tier 2)Kuni
Mall Rats (Tier 8)Makonga
San Francisco Elimination (Tier 3)Red Rascal
Del Centro Slalom (Tier 7)Ripper
Tourist Trap (Tier 1)Solar
Clearance Sale (Tier 6)Spooky
Street Issue Slalom (Tier 1)Street Issue

Contributed By: aukevin.

Unlockable outfits

Complete event with a gold, silver, or bronze

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Edinburgh Full Tricks (Tier 3)Ammon's Money Suit
Saturday Matinee (Tier 9)Ammon's Tan Suit
Seaside Village Race (Tier 6)Ammon's Tommy T
Rome Elimination (Tier 6)Budd's Power of Chi
Catacombs Slalom (Tier 2)Budd's The Bohemian
Waterfront Race (Random)Budd's Toys for Bob
Fallen Empire Race (Tier 4)Crash's Bombs Away
Out of the Woods Race (Tier 5)Crash's Brace for Impact
Lift Off (Tier 7)Crash's Space Monkey
Park It Anywhere (Tier 7)Gunnar's Black Knight
Gunnar's Threads (Tier 1)Gunnar's High-G Armor
Favela Rush (Tier 4)Gunnar's Street Creds
Road to Cuzco Race (Tier 3)Jynx's Black Tuesday
Del Centro Race (Tier 7)Jynx's Funeral Fun
Cable Car Tricks (Random)Jynx's Graveyard Casual
San Francisco Full Slalom (Tier 9)Kyla's Alpine Red
Cuzco Challenge Race (Tier 2)Kyla's Shooting Star
Clear the Streets (Tier 5)Kyla's Touchdown
High Street Slalom (Tier 6)MacKenzie's Killer Bee
Edinburgh Full Race (Tier 4)MacKenzie's Spitfire Squadron
Parking Lot Shuffle (Tier 7)MacKenzie's Street Combat
Tourist Spot Slalom (Tier 2)Tiffany's Baby Blue
Shopping Spree (Tier 8)Tiffany's Military Chic
Rome Burning (Tier 7)Tiffany's Nero Style
Mountain High Race (Random)Tony's Business Camouflage
Mountain High Race (Random)Tony's Business Camouflage
Hills Are Alive Race (Tier 9)Tony's Downhill Jam
Out of the Woods Tricks (Random)Tony's Mariachi Loco

Contributed By: aukevin.

Unlockable skaters

Complete event with gold, silver, or bronze

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Unknown Skater (Tier 10)Armando Ootbagh
Crash Test (Tier 3)Crash
Kevin's Challenge (Random)Kevin Stabb
MacKenzie's Challenge (Tier 2)MacKenzie

Contributed By: aukevin.