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Wii Sports


Change bowling ball color

As The screen is fading to black for bowling, hold down the control pad until it fades to bowling for these colors:

Control Pad UpBlue Ball
Control Pad RightGold Ball
Control Pad DownGreen Ball
Control Pad LeftRed Ball

Contributed By: zeldafreak104.

Change the tennis court

To change the tennis court to the blue practice court, press and hold (2) at the warning screen that shows after selecting characters.

Contributed By: MrJonson.

Play Golf without maps or meters

To disable the power meter, map, and the wind speed indicator, press and hold (2), then make a selection at the "Select a Course" screen.

Contributed By: MrJonson.

Silver Boxing Gloves

After you've beaten the Grand Champion, Matt, in a boxing match you'll be able to wear silver boxing gloves. To do so, hold (1) when the screen becomes black before a boxing match.

Contributed By: Raisins93.


Special Bowling Ball

Get to pro level to unlock a bowling ball with diamond designs on it.

Contributed By: Linkburger.

Easter Eggs

Amuse Crowd in Bowling

To make the crowd laugh in bowling, move to either of the gutters in your lane, turn into opposite lane, and bowl so the ball goes over the barier between the lanes. The ball will go into the gutter in the opposite lane and the crowd will laugh.

Contributed By: Royfus_1.

Scare Crowd in Bowling

To scare the crowd while bowling, start the regular motion for bowling and let go on the backswing. The ball will fly backwards and the crowd will scream and jump.

Contributed By: Jghake.


91 Pin Strike in Power Bowling Training

To get an automatic 91 pin strike in the last round of Power Bowling, Throw the ball on the right or left rail (depending on if you are right or left handed) so that it stays on it the whole time. If it reaches the end without falling off, you will hear a "click" and an explosion. Then all the pins will fall down from the shockwave. NOTE: This only works on the last round.

Contributed By: Mingy Jongo.