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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core


Hidden GGXX Slash and #Reload Stages (Wii version only)

After all the EX Characters have been unlocked, GGXX Slash stages will slowly be Time Released in hour increments. Once a stage is unlocked via Time Release, you have access not only to that Slash stage, but also the #Reload version of the stage. To select the #Reload version of the stage, hold the "Respect" button while selecting stages and music, then press the START button. The follow input is for default button setting, for each controller

Classic Controller, hold ''respect'' (Zr) then press + buttonSelect GGXX #Reload version of a Stage
Wiimote/nunchuk, hold ''respect'' (Z) then press + buttonSelect GGXX #Reload version of a Stage
Gamecube controller, hold ''respect'' (c-left or c-right) then press START buttonSelect GGXX #Reload version of a Stage

Contributed By: OriginalHamster.


EX Characters

Unlocking EX versions of the characters (basically the same character with a different move set) can be done through survival mode. Every twenty levels you'll face the EX Shadow version of a certain character, and defeating them unlocks it for your own use.

Contributed By: Jmyster90.

Gold/Shadow Characters

Like EX characters, they can be unlocked through survival mode. Once you've gotten to a high enough level in survival, you'll start facing the gold forms of each character (every twenty levels). Defeat them to unlock them for your own use. The other way to unlock them, is via time release.

To select a Shadow character, press Zr (Classic Controller. Whatever button you use to change the color scheme) until reload appears below the character. Then press Dust. To select a gold character, press Zr until Slash appears below the character, and once again, press Dust.

Contributed By: Jmyster90.