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Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock


Various codes

Go to "options" and then go to "cheats." Now, cheats are entered completely differently in the third installment. You now have to strum with the frets on just like normal playing! Two or more notes in parentheses indicate a chord.
G=Green, R=Red, Y=Yellow, B=Blue, O=Orange

(BY) (GY) (GY) (RB) (RB) (RY) (RY) (BY) (GY) (GY) (RB) (RB) (RY) (RY) (GY) (GY) (RY) (RY)Air Guitar
(GR) (GY) (YB) (RB) (BO) (YO) (RY) (RB)Easy Expert (does not work in Career mode)
G R G Y G B G O G B G Y G R G (GR) (RY) (GR) (YB) (GR) (BO) (GR) (YB) (GR) (RY) (GR) (GY)Large Gems
(GR) B (GR) (GY) B (GY) (RY) O (RY) (GY) Y (GY) (GR)No Fail (does not work in career mode)
(RY) (RB) (RO) (RB) (RY) (GB) (RY) (RB)Performance Mode
(GR) (GR) (GR) (RY) (RY) (RB) (RB) (YB) (YO) (YO) (GR) (GR) (GR) (RY) (RY) (RB) (RB) (YB) (YO) (YO)Precision Mode
(YO) (RB) (RO) (GB) (RY) (YO) (RY) (RB) (GY) (GY) (YB) (YB) (YO) (YO) (YB) Y R (RY) R Y OUnlock all songs in Quick Play
(GRBO) (GRYB) (GRYO) (GYBO) (GRYB) (RYBO) (GRYB) (GYBO) (GRYB) (GRYO) (GRYO) (GRYB) (GRYO)Unlock Everything (no sound plays when you enter these chords)

Contributed By: Trogdorocks, PolishGerbils, jimbo the monkey, n00b, and InflatablePie.


Through the Fire and the Flames

To unlock TTFAF, you must beat Career mode on any difficulty. Then, when the credits role, you will play TTFAF (note: you can't fail). From then on, TTFAF can be found in the bonus songs section.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Career Mode on Any DifficultyThrough the Fire and the Flames

Contributed By: trombonology.

Unlockable Characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat his Boss battle, Buy in Shop for $15,000Lou
Beat his boss Battle, Buy in Shop for $10,000Slash
Beat his Boss Battle, Buy in Shop for $10,000Tom Morello

Contributed By: TheArmoredSoul0.

Unlocking Additional Guitars

There are many guitars not in the store but are available for purchase after completing tasks.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Five Star every song in Career Mode on EasyBat Guitar
Beat Co-Op on HardBeach Life Bass
5-star all songs in Expert mode.El Jefe Guitar
Five Star every song in Career Mode on MediumJolly Roger Guitar
Beat Career Mode on EasyMoon Shot Guitar
Beat Co-Op Career Mode on any difficultyNemesis 13 Guitar
5 Star Every Song in Co-Op Mode on ExpertNeversoft Eyeball Guitar
5 star every song on Expert Co-Op CareerNeversoft Skateboard Guitar
Beat Co-Op Career on ExpertPendulaxe
Beat Co-op Career mode on HardRadioactive
Complete Expert mode.Risk Assessment Guitar
Beat Career Mode on HardRojimbo Guitar
Beat Career Mode on MediumSaint George Guitar
Beat Co-Op on EasyTiki Bass
5* every song in career on hard modeTiki Guitar

Contributed By: Kristic, leafsgogo, UberVash, spider-naroku99, OceansEleven, InflatablePie, tashaga_kaoe, oboewan9999, and Toan Dark Cloud.