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Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition


Different costumes in Mercenaries mode (Leon/Ada)

When choosing a character, hold the buttons, while pressing the A button.

Hold + and press AAssigment Ada costume
Hold 1 and press ALeon with jacket
Hold + and 1, while pressing ALeon with suit
Hold + and press ALeon's R.P.D. uniform
Hold 1 and press ASeparate Ways costume

Contributed By: TX 55.


Ditman Glitch

Go to the inventory screen and select the Striker. Exit from the inventory and press the B button and then quickly press the minus button. Equip any weapon besides the Striker and leave the inventory screen. Now the glitch is activated and you can move twice as fast and shoot twice as fast but once you select the Striker, the glitch will be deactivated.

Contributed By: R351D3NT3V1L4.


Unlockable Characters in the Mercenaries.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get a four star rating or higher in the Pueblo map.Ada Wong
Get a four star rating or higher in the Waterworld map.Albert Wesker
Get a four star rating or higher in the Island map.HUNK
Get a four star rating or higher in the Castle map.Jack Krauser
Initially available.Leon S. Kennedy

Contributed By: onibirdo.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the main game onceAlternate Title screen
Beat the main game onceAshley's 2nd outfit
Beat Separate Ways onceAshley's knight armor
Beat the main game onceAssignment Ada
Pass Separate Ways onceChicago Typewriter
Beat Assignment AdaChicago Typewriter in Seperate Ways clear file
Get a 5 star in all stages with all characters in the MercenariesHandCannon
Pass the game onceInfinite Rocket Launcher
Beat the main game onceLeon's R.P.D. uniform
Beat Separate Ways onceLeon's suit
Pass the game onceMaltilda
Beat the main game onceMercenaries
Beat the main game onceMovie Browser
Beat Separate Ways onceMovie Browser for Separate Ways
Beat the main game on Professional ModePlagas Removal Laser (PRL 412)
Beat the game on Normal difficulty.Professional Mode
Beat the main game onceSeparate Ways

Contributed By: cvxfreak, Juiceboy_Jeff, Javier333, Omepha, badazzbuddy117, and GrayJovial.