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Crash of the Titans


Big head, and Shadow Crash

To introduce a cheat, pause the game, hold the block/dodge button and press one of the following sequences. To disable a cheat, simply press the same sequence again.

Punch-Punch-Kick-JumpBig Head Crash
Kick-Punch-Kick-JumpShadow Crash

Contributed By: PhazonDaxter.


Crash's Skins

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Jack 35 BattlersBattler Skin
Beat 130 BratgirlsBratgirl Skin
Beat 500 Doom MonkeysDoom Monkey Skin
Jack 30 GoarsGoar Skin
Complete 50% of the gameHalloween Skin
Defeat 150 Koo-AlasKoo-Ala Skin
Defeat 200 RatniciansRatnician Skin
Jack 30 RhinrollersRhinoroller Skin
Jack 15 ScorporillasScorporilla Skin
Jack 50 SnipesSnipe Skin
Jack 50 SpikesSpike Skin

Contributed By: jaajaabinks and Champyo.