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Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the gameMania Difficulty
Play the entire game in mania (before any battle)Unknown Mode

Contributed By: alik_lockhart and KirbyPK.

GRADE Shop Purchases

By starting a New Game +, you can access the GRADE Shop, where you can spend the GRADE you earned in your previous playthrough to purchase options for your next playthrough. (Note: New Game + will NOT be unlocked if you get the Bad Ending)

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Pay 10 GRADE1/2 Experience
Pay 2000 GRADE10x Experience
Pay 150 GRADEDouble damage given and received
Pay 300 GRADEDouble Experience
Pay 150 GRADEHold up to 30 of each item
Pay 50 GRADEKeep battle info (i.e. encounters and max hits)
Pay 200 GRADEKeep befriended monsters
Pay 110 GRADEKeep items (gels, ingredients, and other durable goods)
Pay 350 GRADEKeep learned Artes
Pay 250 GRADEKeep learned Skills
Pay 10 GRADEKeep Monster Book data
Pay 50 GRADEKeep obtained titles (use this to get new titles if you did the Good Ending)
Pay 20 GRADEKeep play time
Pay 50 GRADEKeep recipes learned and titles obtained from recipes
Pay 0 GRADEKeep skit collection data
Pay 200 GRADEKeep your Gald
Pay 20 GRADEReceive more GRADE in battles
Pay 50 GRADESet EXP to 1 and increase EXP BONUS
Pay 10 GRADEStart the game with 160 HP
Pay 50 GRADEStart the game with 500 HP (except monsters)

Contributed By: gtjio123.

New Game +

UnlockableHow to Unlock
After completing the game then load the clear data.New Game +

Contributed By: ChronoTrigger07.

Optional Dungeons.

Here's the Two Optional Dungeons and how to unlock them.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
On your second playthrough, it will automatically appear on your map when you get to Chapter 8Gladsheim
Do the Twilight Palace quests from the Katz Guild, there is one in each chapter startin from Chapter 5 and ending at Chapter 8Twilight Palace

Contributed By: alik_lockhart.