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Monster Hunter Tri


Offline Awards

Only obtainable offline

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Trade in 7 Rare Commodites to the Argosy CaptainArgosy License
Complete all coliseum challengesChampion's Badge
Complete Village 1-3* questsChief's Garb
Complete all Village questsChief's Pipe
Upgrade farm to max levelFarm Certificate
Slay a CeadeusGem of the Depths
Silver Crown on all Village Monsters except CeadeusGiant Crown
Raise Cha-Cha to Lv30Lackey Testimonial
Collect all Cha-Cha masks and learn all dancesOld Childhood Mask
Complete at least 10 pages of the Combination ListScroll of the Sage
Hunt a LagiacrusTidal Necklace
Upgrade all ships to level 3Vow of Brotherhood

Contributed By: Tricked Out Horo.

Online Awards

Only obtainable online

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Slay AlatreonAlatreon's Ring
Complete a City Tournament with at least A rankingArena Trophy
Create many weapons and armors of Rarity 6 or 7Artisan's Hammer
Capture all boss monsters (Except Elder Dragons)Bionomical Report
Clear all 1-3* city questsCopper Medal
Develop at least 18 types of interior decorationsDecorative Plaque
Clear all city questsGold Medal
Slay the Jhen MohranJhen Crystal
Hunt all large sized (gold) monstersKing's Crown
Hunt all small sized (gold) monstersMiniature Crown
Clear all 4-6* city questsSilver Medal
Record notes on all monsters and complete at least 13 pages of the Combination ListTome of Legend

Contributed By: Tricked Out Horo.