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SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom


Cheat Codes

Enter on the Cheat Code screen on the Upgrade Computer at the bottom of the Magwu Lair

Tralok, Plankton, Danny, Plankton, Tak"Coins are attracted to you making them much easier to collect"
Danny, Danny, Danny, Technus, Technus"Goo does not slow you down"
Plankton, Jimmy, Beautiful Gorgeous, Jimmy, Plankton"You don't lose coins when you get knocked out"
Spongebob, Beautiful Gorgeous, Danny, Plankton, Technus"You have more time to do gadget combos"
Jimmy, Technus, Spongebob, Tak, Technus"Your gadget meter is always full!"
spongebob,spongebob,spongebob,spongebob,spongebobSpongebob concept art

Contributed By: GuK2004, JordanMDalton, and spiderboy804.