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New Building Sets

Name your city one of the following names in order to unlock the corresponding building set, which means the entire city will be built with the set.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Name your city "Mummy's desert"Egyptian Building Set
Name your city "ancient culture"Greek Building Set
Name your city "Become wild"Jungle Building Set
Name your city "Future picture"Sci-Fi Building Set

Contributed By: papermonkey21.

New Buildings

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Raise education to level 90Art museum
Build 2 of : Tennis courts, baseball fields and playgroundsBasketball court
Reach 1920Bus stop
Rasie education level to 75High school
Population of 4,000House of worship
Build 4 small gardens and have a population of 50,000Large Garden
Build 4 small parks and have a pop. of 50,000Large Park
Have a pop. of 100,000Marina
Have a pop. of 22,000Mayor's House
Have a pop. of 5,000Mayor's Statue
Raise education level to 100Museum
Raise education level to 115Nuclear Power Station
Build 3 museums and 3 art museumsOpera House
Build one landfill zoneRecycling Plant
Reach year 2000Solar Power Plant
Have a pop. of 350,000Stadium
Have a pop. of 350,000TV station
Raise education level to 90University
Reach 1985Wind Power Plant

Contributed By: barneycalhoun and gamedude1996.