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Sonic and the Black Knight


Character Profiles in Gallery Mode

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Use the Blacksmith 20 timesBlacksmith's/Tail's Profile
Complete Crystal Cave - Rampage with 5 StarsNimue's/Amy's Profile
Complete Knight's Passage - Legacy with 5 StarsSir Galahad's/Silver's Profile
Complete Titanic Plains - Defeat the Boss - Sir Gawain with 5 StarsSir Gawain's/Knuckles' Profile
Complete Dragon's Lair - Legacy with 5 StarsSir Lamorak's/Jet's Profile
Complete Deep Woods - Defeat the Boss - Sir Lancelot with 5 StarsSir Lancelot's/Shadow's Profile
Complete Molten Mine - Defeat the Boss - Sir Percival with 5 StarsSir Percival's/Blaze's Profile

Contributed By: dude71 and gules222.

Extra Characters in Adventure Mode

Clear Knight's Passage to unlock Lancelot, Gawain, and Percival as characters to use in Adventure Mode.

Contributed By: Sonictrainer.

Unlock Multiplayer Characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat the Final BossAmy Rose
Defeat Lady PercivalBlaze
5 stars on Great Megalith- Beat the clockJet
Collect all 5 of "King Arthur's Legends"King Arthur
Defeat Sir GawainKnuckles
Defeat Sir LancelotShadow
Complete the mission "Lancelot Returns" In the Deep WoodsSilver
Finish the first Castle Camelot MissionTails

Contributed By: gules222, CruxisBLADE, and Spark1992.