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Marble Saga: Kororinpa


Master Higgins Ball

In the secret codes section of the options, click the right lamp once, the left lamp twice, then the right lamp once.

TV, Car, Sunflower, Bike, Helicopter, StrawberryMaster Higgins Ball

Contributed By: paavostubstad.

Mirror Mode

Go to options at Anthony's House and select the ??? option. You are at the secret codes screen. Now press the A button on the right lamp, the left lamp 2 times, and the right lamp in that order. Select the icons and choose the right icon.

beetle, clover, boy, plane, car, bikemirror mode

Contributed By: gamerdwp7.


Hard Mode

Complete the game on Normal Mode to unlock the Hard difficulty.

Contributed By: Jigpuff.

Unlockable Marbles

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Challenge Stage 11 in the Sunken Depths on Normal Mode.Anglerfish
Get thirty Gold trophies in Easy mode.Baseball
Get twenty Gold trophies in Normal mode.Bomb
Get thirty five Gold trophies in Normal mode.Broken television
Get one Gold trophy in Easy mode.Dog
Beat Challenge Stage 11 in the Space Station on Normal Mode.Earth
Get sixteen Gold trophies in Normal mode.Egg
Beat Stage 10 in the Stump Temple on Normal.Figure Roller
Get twenty Gold trophies in Easy mode.Football
Get eight Gold trophies in Normal mode.Frog
Get twelve Gold trophies in Normal mode.Goldfish bowl
Get forty Gold trophies in Normal mode.Hedgehog
take more than 3 minutes time to completer stage 1-1Panda Ball
Get five Gold trophies in Normal mode.Penguin
Get 3 Gold TrophysPig Ball
Get thirty Gold trophies in Normal mode.Saturn
Get twenty five Gold trophies in Normal mode.UFO

Contributed By: Kirby Master Eoje, babylonian007, Cpt_Dax, and Deviiish.