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MySims Agents


Secret Outfits

Press the following key combinations at the Create-a-Sim screen to unlock these secret outfits.

Mountain, Yeti's cave, In small BookshelfBunny Suit (Costume) Unlock-able
Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, RightUnlocks the Astronaut Suit.
Right, Up, Right, Up, Down, Left, Down, LeftUnlocks the Black Ninja Outfit.

Contributed By: GTNS and jessecc.


Unlockable Recruits

Do the specified objectives to gain a new recruit for your HQ. This can involve completing a part of a game, doing dispatch missions, etc.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete dispatch mission "Roadie Despair"Annie Radd
Complete the Snowy Mountains levelBeebee
Complete dispatch mission "Assistant Librarian"Elmira Clamp
Complete dispatch mission "Gonk Need Food, Badly"Gonk
Complete the Boudreaux Mansion levelGordon
Complete dispatch mission "Tainted Broth"Hopper
Complete the Jungle Temple levelKing Mike
During Evelyn's house robbery case, dig around one of the holes west of the Forest Park. If you dig in the right hole, Leaf will be foundLeaf
Complete dispatch mission "Snake on the Loose!"Liberty
Complete the Jungle Temple levelLyndsay
Complete the Boudreaux Mansion levelMadame Zoe
Complete the Jungle Temple levelMagellan
Complete dispatch missions "High School Yearbook" and "Prom Date"Makoto
Complete dispatch missions "Magical Assistant" and "Magical Disaster"Marlon
Complete dispatch mission "Penguin Style"Master Aran
Complete the Boudreaux Mansion levelMs. Nicole Vogue
Complete dispatch mission "Failing Forest"Petal
Complete dispatch mission "Blue Thing!"Pinky
Complete the Snowy Mountains levelPreston Winthrop
Complete the Snowy Mountains levelProfessor Nova
Complete dispatch mission "Pig, Camera, Action!"Renée
Complete the Evelyn robbery caseRoger
Complete the Snowy Mountains levelRosalyn P. Marshall
Complete dispatch mission "H4XXOR3D!"Sir Spencer
Complete the Jungle Temple levelSir Vincent Skullfinder
Complete dispatch mission "Blade of Destiny"Star
Available to recruit by default once you become a special agentTravis
Complete the Boudreaux Mansion levelTrevor Verily
Complete the Snowy Mountains levelVic Vector
Complete the Boudreaux Mansion levelViolet Nightshade
Complete dispatch mission "Reagant Run"Wendalyn
Complete the Snowy Mountains levelWolfah
Complete the Boudreaux Mansion levelZombie Carl

Contributed By: BlankyXP.


Plane Vs. Eye Mini-Game

The very hidden easter egg in Mysims Agents allows you to play the mini-game Plane VS. Eye. In order to find it, go to the top floor and activate the arcade machine. Then press the "eye" and you will activate the mini game.

Contributed By: RYGOR12345.