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Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love


Wii Secret Passwords (US and EU version only)

From the game selection menu, choice the bottom option (The Free & Easy Day in N.Y.), then visit Romando and imput the password when the available option appear. Note: the single codes unlock 1 item at the time, when the "unlock all code" unlock all the items of the same element in 1 time.

926906817278Cameratron Ringtone: Cheiron
928935668428Cameratron Ringtone: Diana
922566130958Cameratron Ringtone: Gemini
928993468958Cameratron Ringtone: Ratchet
928267292088Cameratron Ringtone: Rosita
928974804588Cameratron RIngtone: Subaru
928996609188Episode 0 available in Main Game
928993482128Photo of Chat Noir available in Main Game
928996495658Photo of IAF Flower Division available in Main Game
859097180208Photo: Battle Photo of Anri
596268228578Photo: Battle Photo of Cheiron
893557986928Photo: Battle Photo of Cherry
524513806358Photo: Battle Photo of Diana
511006563288Photo: Battle Photo of Gemini
390435372888Photo: Battle Photo of Ratchet
589858748428Photo: Battle Photo of Rosita
363919657658Photo: Battle Photo of Shinjiro
313123116008Photo: Battle Photo of Subaru
510846764928Photo: Cheiron & Sagittarius
567793040508Photo: Diana & Capricorn
945476282278Photo: Gemini & Gemini
340029139708Photo: Photo of Cheiron Acting
812787630958Photo: Photo of Diana Acting
347549954628Photo: Photo of Gemini Acting
304867438278Photo: Photo of Rosita Acting
329209358788Photo: Photo of Shinjiro Acting
878237389288Photo: Photo of Subaru Acting
379665471878Photo: Ratchet & Aquarius
558588824458Photo: Rosita & Aries
332195193808Photo: Special Photo of Anri
574728027208Photo: Special Photo of Cheiron
354355997128Photo: Special Photo of Cherry
560273209078Photo: Special Photo of Diana
909316867958Photo: Special Photo of Gemini
397985673158Photo: Special Photo of Ratchet
535038549588Photo: Special Photo of Rosita
508343915328Photo: Special Photo of Subaru
388679494778Photo: Special Photo of Sunnyside
546403500088Photo: Subaru & Taurus
928996605128Shiniro's Extra Costume (female)
928993363528Unlock all 3 Events (unlock all code)
837871465578Unlock all the 30 Photos (unlock all code)
924005530128Unlock all the 6 Ringtones (unlock all code)

Contributed By: Ogogin.