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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Reflex Edition


Arcade Mode

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game on any difficulty.Arcade Mode

Contributed By: MBBDarigon.

Bonus Level

Once unlocked, you can access Mile High Club within the Epilogue portion of your Mission Selection.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the game on any difficulty.Mile High Club

Contributed By: Sour DieseL.


After beating the Campaign once, Cheats will be unlocked in Campaign under Options on the Pause Menu. These are unlocked by finding Intel pieces scattered throughout the game. Note: You must enable cheats for them to activate. If you die, all your cheats will be disabled, meaning you must enable them again.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Find 15 IntelA Bad Year
Find 10 IntelCluster Bombs
Find 02 IntelCoD Noir
Find 30 IntelInfinite Ammo
Find 08 IntelPaintball
Find 04 IntelPhoto-Negative
Find 20 IntelSlow-Mo Ability
Find 06 IntelSuper Contrast

Contributed By: dbcification.

Golden Guns

All of the Golden Guns are back! These guns are only skins for the specific gun in question.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete all Assualt Rifle ChallengesGolden AK-47
Reach Level 55 CommanderGolden Desert Eagle
Complete all Sniper ChallengesGolden Dragunov
Complete all Shotgun ChallengesGolden M1014
Complete all LMG ChallengesGolden M60E4
Complete all SMG ChallengesGolden Mini-Uzi

Contributed By: dbcification.

Multiplayer Level Up List

A list of what you unlock when you advance a level in Multiplayer.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Reach Level 413x Frag (Perk Slot 1)
Reach Level 28AK-74U
Reach Level 32Bandolier (Perk Slot 1)
Reach Level 49Barret .50 Cal
Reach Level 14Bomb Squad (Perk Slot 1)
Reach Level 09Boot Camp Challenges 1
Reach Level 15Boot Camp Challenges 2
Reach Level 18Boot Camp Challenges 3
Reach Level 23Claymores
Reach Level 04Create-a-Class
Reach Level 44Dead Silence (Perk Slot 3)
Reach Level 02Demolitions Class
Reach Level 43Desert Eagle
Reach Level 29Double Tap (Perk Slot 2)
Reach Level 22Dragunov
Reach Level 51Elite Challenges
Reach Level 53Elite Challenges 2
Reach Level 54Elite Challenges 3
Reach Level 25G3
Reach Level 37G36C
Reach Level 55Golden Desert Eagle
Reach Level 05Gun Challenges
Reach Level 42Humiliation Challenges 1
Reach Level 45Humiliation Challenges 2
Reach Level 47Humiliation Challenges 3
Reach Level 48Humiliation Challenges 4
Reach Level 50Humiliation Challenges 5
Reach Level 26Iron Lungs (Perk Slot 3)
Reach Level 30Killer Challenges 1
Reach Level 33Killer Challenges 2
Reach Level 36Killer Challenges 3
Reach Level 39Killer Challenges 4
Reach Level 08Last Stand (Perk Slot 3)
Reach Level 31M1014
Reach Level 46M14
Reach Level 16M1911
Reach Level 07M21
Reach Level 10M4 Carbine
Reach Level 19M60E4
Reach Level 17Martyrdom
Reach Level 13Mini-Uzi
Reach Level 52MP44
Reach Level 21Operations Challenges 1
Reach Level 24Operations Challenges 2
Reach Level 27Operations Challenges 3
Reach Level 38Overkill (Perk Slot 2)
Reach Level 40P90
Reach Level 55Prestige Mode
Reach Level 34R700
Reach Level 20Sleight of Hand (Perk Slot 2)
Reach Level 03Sniper Class
Reach Level 11UAV Jammer (Perk Slot 2)

Contributed By: dbcification.