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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011


Cheat Code passwords

You can access the cheat code menu by going to "My WWE", then "Options". "Cheat Codes" is an option there.

SLURPEEJohn Cena Street Fight gear and Avatar T-Shirt
apexpredatorRandy Orton Alternate Attire
historicalbeltsUnlock Cruiseweight, Hardcore, Million Dollar Championship Belts
8thannualtributeUnlock the "Tribute to the Troops" arena

Contributed By: The Shingen, CrossWP, and included2000.


Unlock Superstars/Legends

These superstars can be unlocked by completing WWE Universe One-on-One matches (Select match and One-Player only); they can also be unlocked via Road to Wrestlemania, in certain stipulations.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete every Road to Wrestlemania StorylinesDruid
Win 5 One-on-One matches on WWE Superstars in WWE UniverseEzekial Jackson
Win 1 One-on-One match on SmackDown in WWE UniverseFinlay
Win 1 Divas-only match in WWE UniverseGail Kim
Win 10 One-on-One matches on RAW in WWE UniverseGoldust
Defeat Jake in Week 9 of VS. Undertaker Storyline, without sustaining any limb damageJake "The Snake" Roberts
Defeat Snuka in Week 10 of VS. Undertaker Storyline in three minutesJimmy "Superfly" Snuka
Win 5 Divas-only One-on-One matches in WWE UniverseMickie James
Win 5 One-on-One matches on SmackDown in WWE UniverseMike Knox
Complete Wrestlemania Challenge Match with John CenaMr. McMahon
Complete VS. Undertaker RTWM StorylinePaul Bearer (Manager)
Complete Wrestlemania Challenge Match with Chris JerichoRicky "The Dragon" Steamboat
Complete Rey Mysterio's RTWM with him set to GoodRob Van Dam
Win 10 One-on-One matches on SmackDown in WWE UniverseShelton Benjamin
Complete Wrestlemania Challenge Match with ChristianStone Cold Steve Austin
Complete Wrestlemania Challenge Match with Rey MysterioTerry Funk
Win Women's or Diva's Championship at PPV in WWE UniverseThe Bella Twins
Complete Wrestlemania Challenge Match in VS. Undertaker StorylineThe Rock
Win 1 One-on-One match on RAW in WWE UniverseVladimir Koslov
Win 10 One-on-One matches on WWE Superstars in WWE UniverseWilliam Regal
Win 5 One-on-One matches on RAW in WWE UniverseYoshi Tatsu
Win 1 One-on-One match on WWE Superstars in WWE UniverseZack Ryder

Contributed By: ptrgiese.

Unlock the Time Machine

This only works, when you playthrough the Road to Wrestlemania with Christian. At Elimination Chamber PPV, talk to Edge about the time machine. Next, go to the GM Office and talk to Mr. McMahon, and he'll tell you that it's broke into three pieces. After you talk to him, there's action figures of Edge and Christian, located between the bookshelf and the TV. After that, leave and you'll get a phone call from Edge. Afterwards, you grab the flux capacitor in the Green Room and the phone booth in the parking lot. After you grab all three itmes, return to Edge and he'll build the time machine for you. When you do, you'll be able to go back or forward in time, to the completed events in your Road to Wrestlemania with ANY superstar's storyline.

Contributed By: ptrgiese.

Unlock WWE PPV Arenas

As you play WWE Universe, you can unlock different venues to play in Exhibition Mode; only one Arena can be unlocked in RTWM. (NOTE: Wrestlemania, RAW, SmackDown, Superstars, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, and Elimination Chamber are already available by default)

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win any match at BacklashBacklash
Win any match at Bragging RightsBragging Rights
Win any match at Elimination ChamberBreaking Point
Complete EVERY Road to Wrestlemania StorylineDruid Arena (From Vs. Undertaker Storyline)
Win any match at SummerSlamECW Arena
Win any match at Extreme RulesExtreme Rules
Win any match at Hell in a CellHell in a Cell (Pay Per View)
Win any match at Royal RumbleJudgment Day
Win any match at Night of ChampionsNight of Champions
Win any match at Survivor SeriesSurvivor Series
Win any match at The BashThe Bash
Win any match at "TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs"TLC (Pay Per View)
Win any match at Wrestlemania XXVITribute to the Troops

Contributed By: ptrgiese.