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JSRF: Jet Set Radio Future


Skateboarding Hobo

Go to Dogenzaka Hill. Go all the way down to the place where the statue is located, or is supposed to be. Then, skate down the object that resembles a roof. When you fall off the big roof, turn around and look at the drop that you just fell off from. If done correctly, you can look to the right and see a man wearing black and orange with yellow hair. If you skate up to him from the side, he will not run and scream. Instead, he will just start rolling as if he were on a skateboard. However if you try to touch him again he will fall down and scream.

Contributed By: psykoantwon.


Unlockable characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Achieve a Jet ranking in Fortified Residential Zone.A.KU.MU
Win against Beat in the street race and he'll join you.Beat
To unlock Boogie simply meet her in Kibogaoka Hill. Boogie was formerly known as Sugar (JSR), and Piranha (JGR).Boogie
Find Clutch via DJ Professor K's instructions and he'll join you.Clutch
Finish Combo's challenge and he'll join you.Combo
Go to the Bottom Point of Sewage Facility and outrace Cube in the City Rush. This must be done after beating the Noise Tanks in Sky-Dinosaurian Square.Cube
Achieve a Jet ranking in Dogenzaka Hill.Doom Riders
Complete Garam's challenges for him to join you.Garam
Achieve a Jet ranking in Rokkaku-Dai Heights.Gouji
Achieve a Jet ranking in Skyscraper District and Pharaoh Park.Immortals
Defeat Jazz at City Rush in the Future Site of Rokkaku Expo Stadium.Jazz
Get a Jet ranking in Hikage Street.Love Shockers
Get a Jet ranking in Highway Zero.Noise Tank
Achieve a Jet ranking in Sky-Dinosaurium Square.NT-3000
Achieve a Jet ranking in Test Run mode at the Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility as well as the Bottom Point of Sewage Facility.Poison Jam
Achieve a Jet ranking in Kibogaoka Hill.Potts
Achieve a Jet ranking in 99th Street.Rapid 99
After finding Rhyth on top of the Poison Jam warehouse in Rokkaku-dai Heights, follow her around. After following and finding her two more times, she'll join you. Rhyth is Mew (JGR) / Bis (JSR).Rhyth
Achieve a Jet ranking in Chou Street.RoBoy
Defeat Soda at City Rush in Highway Zero. Soda was known as Slate in JGR.Soda
Achieve a Jet ranking in Test Run mode at Shibuya Terminal.Zero Beat

Contributed By: ruhztee.

Easter Eggs

Graffiti Soul Message

Collect all the graffiti souls in the game. When you go to the graffiti change menu, under each different graffiti size will be an individual word (or two) that will be part of the message. When you put them altogether in order from super small to extra large, you will get a message.

Contributed By: Turbo Speed.


Unlock levels in Test Run

When you first unlock Test Run, you may not even have any playable levels. To unlock a level, you have to complete all of the Street Challenges and get all of the Graffiti Souls in it.

Contributed By: Monster in a box.