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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind


Raise Statistics Level

During gameplay, press B to acess the options. Then enter the following at the statistics screen by highlighting the following statistics.

Raise Fatigue LevelBlack, Black, White, White, Black, hold A
Raise Health LevelBlack, White, Black, Black, Black, hold A
Raise Magicka LevelBlack, White, White, Black, White, hold A

Contributed By: greedygoblin45.


Drain Skill Trainer Trick

Using this trick will allow you to train any skill to level 100, using any trainer of that skill. It will cost you a one time amount of 330+ gold for the initial Drain Skill spell, plus the amount of 70 gold for each Custom Drain Skill spell you create, plus the price of 1 gold per level raised. So, it will cost you around 500 gold for the first skill raised to level 100, and 165 gold (or less) for each subsequent skill raised to level 100.

First buy a Drain Skill type spell. The Spells are available from Solea Nuccusius in the lower level of Ft. Moonmoth Prison Towers, accessed through a wooden door by Larrius Varro. The spell names are Drain Athletics, Drain Block, and Drain Destruction (Any one spell will do).

Then, go to a Spellmaker, and create a spell to drain one of the 27 Skills, using the following formula:

Drain Skill *
Range: Self
Magnitude: 100 to 100
Duration: 1

* I suggest training the Destruction Skill first, which will increase your chance of casting your Custom Drain Skill spell successfully.

After creating your custom spell, go to any trainer that trains the skill that corresponds to the skill being drained in your spell. Stand directly in front of the Trainer, then cast the spell, and quickly talk to the trainer to train that skill. Since you have lowered that particular skill's level to 0, your price for training will be the default cost of 1 gold. Don't worry about your drained skill, it's stats will quickly return as soon as your 1 second spell wears off. Cast the spell just before you talk to the trainer, each time you train a level, and you will be able to use that trainer to train your skill to level 100, for 1 gold a point. If you use this trick with your Major/Minor Skills you will be able to raise your characters level 1 point for 10 gold, an unlimited amount of times.

Contributed By: Frazzums.

Get the price off your head for free

Join the thieves guild. Drop all of your gold where you can find it easily. In Balmora, talk to the guy behind the counter. Ask him about ''price on head'' he will give you an option of taking it of for a fee. Say yes, and it will say gold was removed from your inventory, but it isn't! Pick up your gold, and walk a free person

Contributed By: werekiller.

Increase Weapon Skills Glitch

To increase your weapon skill levels to unimaginable levels, simply get a weapon with a ''bound weapon'' enchantment on it(you can enchant it yourself). Then, use the bound weapon spell from the weapon, and then switch through the weapon inventory quickly, by holding X and the left trigger. Everytime the bound weapon goes through your weapon cache, you will gain 10 skill levels for that weapon type. In seconds you can easily be a grand master of that type of weapon.

Sometimes this may not work with just one bound weapon, so get two, and use the same process: Use the spell from both of the weapons, and then go through your cache.

Contributed By: Alyas of Aerion.

Infinite Scroll Uses!

1) Enter menus (by pressing 'B')
2) Go to the spells page.
3) Select the scroll desired.
4) Go to the inventory page.
5) Drop scrolls (of the same type that you selected in the
spells page)
6) Get out of menus.
7) Cast spell!
8) Pick up scroll(s) off the ground.

*now you have casted the spell, but you have not used the
You can repeat steps 1-8 over and over all that you want!

Contributed By: traptfan.

Unlimited Arrows

Equip a bow and any arrow. Hold Attack to pull the arrow back but enter the inventory screen before letting the arrow go. Once in the inventory screen release the attack button, then unequip the arrows and resume the game. The arrow will still fire, but it will not be counted out of your inventory.

Contributed By: gsgreg.


Constant Effect Feather and Jump spells

Just make a spell with Jump or Feather from # of points to # of points for 2 secs on self, followed by Soultrap on target. This spell may also work for other things but I'm not sure all I've done is Feather, Jump, Chameleon, Fire Sheild, Ice Sheild, Sheild, and Lightning Sheild. All worked except for the sheilds.

Contributed By: TwinLamps.

Free Bounty Removal

First make sure you are in the Thieves Guild. Go to the cornerclub in Balmora. Drop all your money where you can find it. Now talk to the owner of the cornerclub (the bartender that sells books). Tell him to remove the bounty. It will say the price has been paid but you will get it for free.

Contributed By: jlb.

Get as many attribute points as you wish

Just go get a spell with a Fortify attribute spell(The spell Wisdom from the Dunmer temple will do) and a Soultrap spell. Go to Spellmaking and make a spell with Fortify attribute (whichever you want with however power you want) and make it last 2 secs on self. After that add a Soultrap on target and buy the spell. Every time you cast the spell it will raise your selected attribute by the selected amount of points, and it will be permenant!

If you are haveing trouble casting your spells because they are too powerful or are taking to long to cast, just raise your Wisdom with a spell like above, after succesfully casting a few times it will become much easier and you can add more fortify attributes to a single spell. Also you can raise your Magick power by increasing your intellegence.

When raising personality you will eventually be able to buy/sell anything you want for however much you want (like common pants to the Fine Clotheir in Bolmora for 1,200 gold).

Contributed By: TwinLamps.

Health, Fatigue, and Magicka Restoration

Cheat Notes
Using any code replaces the others, so only one can be active at a time. If a mistake is made entering a BLACK-WHITE code, start the cheat over at step 4. The cheat will remain active as long as you don't change menus using the (L) and (R) triggers. Leaving and entering menu mode does not reset the BLACK-WHITE cheat code, so you need only repeat steps 1, 3 (if necessary), and 5 to repeat the last cheat. If the (L) and (R) triggers are used to change menus, the BLACK-WHITE cheat code is cleared and all steps will have to be repeated.

To Restore Fatigue:
1) While in the game, hit (B) to bring up the menus.
2) Use the (L) and (R) triggers to switch to the Stats menu.
3) Used the D-pad to select the Fatigue entry.
5) Press and hold (A) until the desired Fatigue level is reached.

Restore Health:
1) While in the game, hit (B) to bring up the menus.
2) Use the (L) and (R) triggers to switch to the Stats menu.
3) Used the D-pad to select the Health entry.
5) Press and hold (A) until the desired Health level is reached.

To Restore Magicka:
1) While in the game, hit (B) to bring up the menus.
2) Use the (L) and (R) triggers to switch to the Stats menu.
3) Used the D-pad to select the Magicka entry.
5) Press and hold (A) until the desired Magicka level is reached.

Contributed By: Omega Destroyer.

Health, Fatigue, and Magicka Restoration PLUS

When you enter the Health, Fatigue, and Magicka Restoration code while holding the A button, also press the B button. By doing, lets say you are fighting someone and getting hit and you do the code to restore your health. After that when you get hit your energy will go down but then it goes up immediately after. You can also do this when you are using Magicka and Fatigue.

Contributed By: Therockfan.

Keep your bound items forever

Create a spell, with bound 'insert item' for 2 seconds on self, and also add this effect to the SAME spell, soultrap on target, now cast that ONE spell you created and voila your item is there forever, but you can't drop it, you CAN however unequip that item

Contributed By: crazyv07.

Permanant Summoning

First you must buy a Summoning Spell of your choice and the Soultrap Spell. Go to a spellmaker and create a spell of Summon (creature that you have) for 2 secs on self and Soultrap for 1 sec on target. Add the summoning first then the soultrap second when creating it. Be sure to aim the spell directly at the floor by looking down as far as it will let you. Cast the spell and the summoned creature should remain there until killed. You can do this as many times as you want to create an army of them if you want or you could use it to summon a Dremora/Golden Saint and kill it to trap it's soul. Since the summon will be constant, the corpse will not vanish after death until you dispose of it. Therefore you can take it's weapon and shield.

Contributed By: The Great Teacher.

Train up to level 100 for 1 gold (each level)

This is like the "drain skill trainer" glitch, but a little different.
First, go to Dirty Muriels Club in Sadrith Mora and buy the "Scourge Blade" spell from the Dunmer mage with the green robe upstairs if you don't have the "Drain Skill" option in Spellmaking. Then tell him to make a spell with:

Drain *skill* 100 magnitude for 2 seconds on self

or, if you are a Breton, and resistant to magic, buy "Weakness to Magicka" or "Dire Weakness to Magicka" spell from someone, (I got it in the Guild of Mages in Balmora) and create a spell:

Drain *skill* 100 magnitude for 3 seconds on self
Weakened to Magicka for 3 seconds on self

*skill* = Choose a skill from the list.

After creating your spell, find an appropriate skill trainer , cast the spell (twice if you are a Breton,) and quickly talk to them and select "training." If the price of the skill is NOT 1gp, you did it wrong, or you are resistant to magicka and did not follow the appropriate steps.

If it DID work, happy training. And try experimenting with Attributes using Soultrap. ;)

Contributed By: ZeratulFenix.

Unlimited Ekash LockSplitter Usage

Make sure to have 2 Ekash scrolls, bring up the Magic Menu, Highlight the Ekash Locksplitter Spell, exit the Magic Menu, Place both scrolls into a sack, Open the Magic Menu and you'll see that the spell has remained, exit menu again, Press and hold Y+L (or R) to find the scroll. Repeat steps to get another scroll!

Contributed By: Lancer Evolution VI.