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Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing



Enter at the press start screen:

Down, Up, B, X2-D Mode
X, B, Up, DownBig Heads
Right, Left, B, XFlat Mode
X, B, L, RPlatinum Mode
X, B, Down, UpSmall Heads

Contributed By: Kilcrease, coolryan3, and SS3 Grown Trunks.


Unlock Champ Mode

Win the Gold Belt and defeat Mike Tyson to get the Champ Mode.

Contributed By: SS3 Grown Trunks.

Unlock Mike 2 Versions

Win the Gold Belt to unlock Mike Tyson and to unlock the early version of Mike Tyson, Iron Mike, win the Mike Tyson Challenge.

Contributed By: SS3 Grown Trunks.