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Password Cheats

Enter these passwords as a Profile Name within Gameshow mode:

AROUNDDAWORLDAll Arenas, Movies & Weapons
FOODFIGHTAll Characters & Food Products
TIMEFORCHAOSAll weapons and movies
DOUBLEDOUBLEUnlock all Characters and Movies

Contributed By: insannescorp55 and Ultima Link.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
To play as Charity, successfully complete Stage 2Play as Charity
To play as a food product, successfully complete the game on the hard difficulty. Now go to Battle Mode, place the cursor on anyone except Lucky, Lucy, and Lance, press the white button, and they will become a food productPlay as Food Products (Battle Mode only)
To play as Lance, successfully complete Stage 1Play as Lance
To play as Otto, successfully complete Stage 3Play as Otto
To play as Van in Battle Mode, complete the last level of the game.Play as Van (Battle Mode only)

Contributed By: Hubbin.